Livin' the dream.


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The real question is, will this amazing song be present?

<3 Sonic CD.

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Throw a console emulator on your 'droid and play some real games while you wait for the port.

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Fake field goal. Touchdown.

SegaCD rules!

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You know you can boot to desktop with 8.1, right? You never have to look at the start screen, if you don't want to.

The performance gains of Win 8.1 over 7 would be reason enough for anyone to switch. But do what makes you happy!

If you think Win 10 is anything like Win 7, you are in for a surprise.

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*removed double post*

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File explorer is a mess. Notifications either don't work or show up hours late (ejecting disks, etc). HDMI audio, especially on AMD cards, is pretty hit or miss. The "start button" is horrible with those tiles crammed in there (and you can't completely remove the tiles to this point). AMD drivers require reinstallation when swapping video cards (I'm a hardware tester; this is obviously a driver issue, but not required in Win 8.1). The PC Settings window is an abomination...

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I'm pretty much a Windows fanboy, but my experience using the tech preview of Windows 10 since October has been less than thrilling. To this point, I can't see myself upgrading from 8.1 when 10 is released.

Hopefully, PC manufacturers will see that some users prefer choice, and won't remove the option to disable secure boot; however, the way some OEMs like to lock their systems down for support reasons, I won't be surprised if some of them go that route. Consu...

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Just finished that water escape as well. Haven't felt so accomplished in a game since... every level of Super Meat Boy. :)

Loving Ori so far. Great hardcore platforming + gorgeous art + beautiful soundtrack. And those feels.

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Need a standalone version of Triple Triad!

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A console version of Dissidia would be amazing. Game needs more buttons.

Dissidia and FF Theatrythym: Curtain Call are the fan service dream team.

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Civilization games, including Revolution, are Turn-based strategy, not Real-time Strategy (Think Age of Empires, Command and Conquer, Warcraft pre-WoW).

I didn't mind Civ:Rev at all. :D

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That domain ( is probably the most valuable asset they have.

Thanks for the good times, and enjoy retirement

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With a time limit. I'm in.

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PPS: See you next expac. ;)

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I was benching a GTX 970 vs a Radeon HD 290X today. Guess who won?

Team Green is looking good these days.

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Nice to see some updates, but still no crossfire fix for Shadow of Mordor, a GotY contender.

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Listening to the soundtrack right now. If nothing else, this game has some amazing music!

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This is more and more a console RPG for action game fans. Definitely a wait-and-see for me.

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Do yourself a favor and rename your web browser shortcut to "WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS". :P

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Or, "5 Great Games We Hate For No Rational Reason."

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