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u know this is bigger news than uncharted 4´s trailer right?

u just took all my attention away from the trailer

hahaha kinda epic to read one of your comment being this excited about a playstation game...

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how is retracting every decision they made in the past the right direction?

they have no idea how to save the xbox and MS just keeps reversing every decision that has negative response from the media..

thats not a direction by itself its all the opposite actually

they are not going anywhere =S

getting rid of all the reasons u wont buy an xbox wont make u buy it without any actual reason to own one...

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i was actually expecting just for once to see a different outcome of this fight...

i wasnt surprised...

the game looks fucking sweet though

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haha, was it really that bad?

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project cars is pure simulation probably ..

while driveclub looks like a blast to play and look.

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goddammit.. now with so many details i wont be able to concentrate on the road

seriously though, my eyes couldnt help to wonder to every corner of the screen..

this game is looking crazy...

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i dont get it..

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damn thats a huge difference.

never thought the problem was soo big

that clearly has an impact in peoples opinion of this console race..

i wish your comment was getting more attention, VGc cant be let keep on going like this

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i like this new MS ...
for the first time i see myself buying an xbox in the future...

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i also have to agree.. even though im having a blast with the game...

i was expecting something more fresh.

and they probably couldve give all those options easily just didnt want the pc version to look much better than the console one..

lets hope all those rumors about demon souls 2 are true

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since when 10 out of 10 means perfect?

u should just think about it as how much did he enjoy the game..

or how much u should not miss this game .....

(from his point of view always)

or something like that..

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u do realize writers have to be extremely ambiguous soo that players decisions make any sense..

protagonist are just damn boring since the birth of "make your own choices" ...

u end up with a protagonist that has an equally ambiguous personality soo that u can either be good or bad...

why cant a character just be itself like old times and we can finally have a decent storyline back..

sequels are also always a prob...

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long AAA campaigns and MP.

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damn, that sounds like a dream...

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buggy as fuck.. i could barely play the game..

but manage to finish it anyway.. and ive been expecting halo 3 since then ..

no luck though

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honestly im just not impressed by titanfall

the game barely brought the xone to ps4 kinda sales numbers

this numbers have been sustained by ps4 since launch..

this doesnt reduce the sales gap at all.. it just keeps it from growing even larger

soo now what? as always after a "system seller" is launched a few weeks later sales do go down

while ps4 will remain the same...
and the gap will jus...

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im sorry but the guys lives in the same year as the rest of us..

u think all indians should dress and look like indians?

todays day u have a global culture going on .. and u share a lot in common with ppl all over the world

but indian native american Delsin has to look indian to u.

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they dont want to lose an xbox exclusive and probably the xbox sold with it..

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i did said that sony only needs to make morpheous available for pc.. its not ruled out

i dont see where the confusion was.. we all agree

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but very little support probably...

how many studios has oculus rift to develop games for it?

how many sony has?

thats a huge difference ..

third party studios would be talking a huge risk

thats why kinect is such a failure...
besides the lack of proper input

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