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According to Destiny Tracker I have -
Time Played 41d 13h 38m 34s
In the first year. I'm pretty sure I got my money's worth. Way more than games that i bought, beat, and never played again. Even if they were amazing games like Bloodborne. Cost is very relative.

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If everyone is in game chat it IS automatic. Most people will be in a Chat Party already without Game Chat prioritized though and thus can't hear you. That's not a game limitation, it's the way chat works on PSN.

There should be a way to hear your chat party AND your game chat at the same time.

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Have you played through the entire endgame? Have you read the Grimoire Cards? Have you even collected all the Grimoire Cards? Did you hear your Ghost when he said you'd been dead a long time and a lot of what you were about to experience wouldn't make sense?

Until reviewers get this, they will never GET this.

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All they need to do is stick a boulder in front of the cave to block long shots. The reason this is an "exploit" is because it's a spawn point with straight line shot access that is far enough away to trigger the spawn.

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hat -> ring

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Picture taken in St. Louis at the Microsoft store last night. Notice the large stack of unsold Xbox One's and the salesman yawning behind them. This should go viral. http://min.us/i/cyG9Ze4G0mE...

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Add me, PSN name karebear . Getting it on the 15th from Amazon with BF4, KZ, and NFS

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How am I level 53 then and still getting perks?

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I found that same nirnroot! Drove me batty trying to get it. It was waaay up north in the ice fields.

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I've been playing it non stop, I LOVE it.

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I can't let a list of greatest games go by without mentioning Star Control II for the PC. Not Star Control III now, that was done by an entirely different dev team and it stuuuuunk. But SCII is timeless.

You can play it for free now LEGALLY here:

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Went in, tested out some stuff, and have only logged in one other time.

I'm not really sure what the point of Home is...

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Major thumbs up.

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is you don't earn xp as a zombie. I'm desperately trying to hit lev 70 before WoTLK releases. Now I have to dodge the undead playing hide the infected tongue in my flesh.

I think I'm going to stay away from population centers for awhile lol.

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Apple is like the laid back cool kid here's a few funny commercials kinda person. Its cool, have a laugh, get back to your life being you.

A four minute commercial reeks of the rich kid brat who is a total dork but who buys his way into "popularity" and tries way too hard to be something he's not.

If anything, these commercial make me want to associate LESS with Microsoft. Be yourself, be Apple.

Linux is just so cool it doesn't need to advert...

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And not a single joke about shaking your Wii while thinking up the game. I expected more from you people.

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I remember it well. It stuck around for a LONG time. It also had batteries that lasted a lot longer than my friends Sega Game Gear on trips, even if it did have flashy features like color.

Classic Game Gear commercials



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That was fun to watch with my breakfast this morning.

So whats with the big file folder and the lat and long coordinates. I traced it down to Seattle.

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They picked up a converter box that has a built in dvd player and they keep telling me how they love watching hdtv now. I took me flying my mom across the country and showing her real hd on my 72" Samsung before she would admit theirs wasn't hdtv.

I've found this is a HUGE problem in the US. People want hdtv but have no idea what it is. Stores like Best Buy and Circuit City aren't doing us any favors when they put crappy non hd signals to hdtvs in the store and people say...

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I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

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