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So, Ill put this here because this part of the comments seem a little more educated. I am black. If I were to get stressed I wouldn't call someone the N word even tho I find it the most offensive word out there I could say... So why wouldn't I use it to slander someone else? Because it is an attack on equality. It would be me highlighting being black is bad which would be stupid coming from me. Is he Racist? Maybe. He took an offensive word and ADDED the word black to it which means h...

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I don't know if you fail at sarcasm? If you are just bad at jokes? Or just plain don't understand that what you put is mildly racist?

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I spent 75 percent of my time in the overworld. Grinding in the places I like to grind in.... Finding Yuffie... I don't want them to get rid of that.

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(Spoiler Alert)
This whole review is a comparison to Paper Mario. Super Mario RPG is second to Chrono Trigger for me on the SNES.

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I guess I got so caught up in waiting for Tales of Symphonia to drop again that I overlooked that sale. Well, that is awesome they dropped them back to back then.

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I am upset they dropped the price of Tales of xillia 2... Knowing you have to play Tales of Xillia 1 first.. I am not complaining about the deal, it's a great deal. I am just upset I can't grab it because I need the first one.

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I play this now, it is really fun. However, when Hi-Rez said they had a big announcement I was hoping it was Global Agenda 2. Hurt me in the feels when I found out it was this. = (

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Yup, I never thought I'd say this but... I'm more excited for this than FF15.

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Solid Snake... Why?
Because even when he was super old and ridden with FoxDie he took down a whole army. Also, he beat Naked Snake with a spray can and a lighter.... A SPRAY CAN AND A LIGHTER!!! As far as the years of training goes. Solid's training was mirrored after Naked Snake. He received those skills earlier and much faster. Yes people, training advances over time.

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Out of all the Outlast scares... They picked that one? Makes me think they were too afraid to finish the game.

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Aha! I get it! B$&4 dont kill my vibe. (Kendrick)

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There are a lot more games on the PSN that have that exploit.

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A lot of good deals but Ni no Kuni for $7 is a steal.

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I get what you are nitpicking at but the fact that the price of the game says FREE. Other games on the PSN (which services I pay for)still have a price tag on them which in turn means Outlast compared to other PSN games was free. I pay for online/multiplayer purposes. The free game is a bonus feature.

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Look at the circumstances. The fact that it was free bumps this game up to a 9 outa 10. If I payed for it the score would drop to a 7 but seriously.... FREE. Every gripe that you have..... FREE... If this game didnt scare you and you are not a fan of this genre.... well then I dont know why you are here....... FREE

Edit: Got further in his review and he wants rocks and maps. He doesnt know they already announced an outlast 2 and he had to use the internet to look up where to...

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As long as it comes out on the Vita I could care less what this game launches on. I am about to finish Persona 4 Golden for the second time. The fact that it is handheld is so convenient. I would go mad if I had to use a Gohom and save and then turn off my system... Turn on my system...Load up.. Continue....go back to where I just came from ect... I just hit the power button and its like I never left.

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At the end of the day you have to look at it as just a business strategy and not as a fan. Releasing where your opposition is at its strongest to steal all the hype was a good move on Sony.

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Picking Sazh over Barret. Guy with a gun for a hand... Or a guy with a chicken in his Afro.

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Nice. The LBP community is still active and creative.

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Good article but it would be helpful if you put instructions on how to do those exercises correctly. No form = less benefits.
I do think this is good gaming news. It is looking out for the gaming community. I would rather see this than another SONY REALLY WANTS TITAN FALL article atm.

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