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Just give us a proper Sonic game. Sonic Generations was a really nice step forward.

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Even though I know it isn't the case, I can't help but imagine him saying "Oh did I say 10,000? No, I meant to say TENS OF THOUSANDS!"

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Yes. They totally messed up the materia system and I can't believe the battle system is exactly like tetris!

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Please understand

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Kojima still wins because of that damn Metal Gear Touch hype for iOS...I'm still recovering from that troll.

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PC is getting so much love this year from JP devs. Guess they realize what a gold mine it can be.

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Holy crap. Wow

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A world as big as Skyrim with even more to explore and do would be excellent

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Common sense says it will come out for the PS4.

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I usually don't care about these sort of issues, but for a company to treat the main developer like crap in such an immature way is just terrible. I won't be buying anything Konami releases after MGS V.

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Makes you wonder what kind of state the game will be released in. With words like that, it makes me think that a ton of content will be incomplete and be sold to us as DLC. Though hopefully they don't take the Killer Instinct route and sell the game in pieces.

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And it begins. I wonder how long it will be before articles claim to have inside source about the PS4 being made from Martian technology and using holograms to eliminate the use of screens for playing games on.

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Too bad all that money doesn't make you smart enough to understand the underlying issue here.

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Half-Life Racing

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While we can't be sure if this is true or not, it would certainly explain the odd things that have been happening with Konami lately.

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It doesn't have to be officially announced; if the two masterminds of the project are no longer involved, then it's over with. Even if Konami decides to continue with the game, it will be nothing like what people are expecting it to be given that two amazing creators were behind the project. That's not to say they can't get some amazing developers to work on it, but it would be an entirely different game.

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Ugly indeed. I wish they just ported an HD version of the sprite version on the PSP.

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I absolutely love Graces f. I hope this is similar.

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Damn...that's some bad voice acting, lol. I hope the game is at least better than Tales of Xillia. That's the last PS3 Tales game I played.

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