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Wind Waker and Uncharted were really amazing remasters. I know Uncharted is just 1 gen old, but it's a very early PS3 game and it got some great visual upgrades. If we're counting handhelds, I'd say Ocarina of Time should also be on that list. I also really enjoyed Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and wouls say it's one of the better remasters this gen, but it's rather silly to say it's the only remaster worth buying.

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Looks really good! I hope they localize this eventually.

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I wonder if that's for all of those Xbox One games coming to PC. Maybe achievements will be tied to the X1 just like Games for Windows.

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I don't see why. The official timeline exists, but it shouldn't be taken too seriously. I doubt Nintendo puts much thought into where the next Zelda fits into the timeline. If they reboot Zelda, what would happen? We'd get a new beginning and other sequels later on? They can just make a new timeline. Zelda games aren't focused on story enough for a reboot to make much of a difference.

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After the PSP and the Vita, I think it's obvious what Sony must do...and that's not releasing something so powerful, use cartridges that store saved data,make it affordable and continue to support it with games even if it isn't doing too great.

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Heh, well I guess I can understand that. It's still silly to judge one game based on another game by a completely different development company. A franchise that hasn't evolved much since it first launched on the PS2.

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This game is awesome. I don't get why it's getting so much hate.

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Seriously...he's the only choice for the English dub. It would be such a perfect match. I don't care for this game, but if Danny DeVito voiced Pikachu, I would be instantly hyped.

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They should release a handheld, rather than a console. Not that I think they can't release a good console, but there are already 3 mainstream consoles out now. Throwing another one into the mix would oversaturate console gaming for gamers.

That and Nintendo could use some real competition in the handheld market. I absolutely love the Vita, but it's not a competition for Nintendo anymore thanks to some poor decisions made by Sony.

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This is one of my all-time favorite DBZ games. With some tweaks, it can come pretty damn near being perfect. Some things I'd like to see in the sequel:

1) One smaller, seamless, and more detailed hub-world. The one in Xenoverse felt too big for no reason and felt too empty. I'd love to see a smaller hub-world with more NPCs roaming around. Increase the running speed in the hub-world as well.

2) Less filler content in the story. It would be nicer to ...

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Full support as long as Microsoft knows they will make a good profit off of the project. He stated they needed the right partner, which clearly means they did not have a partner (Microsoft) that was on board with Alan Wake 2.

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Based on Nintendo releasing two enhanced ports on the Wii U and re-releasing New Super Mario Bros Wii U with the DLC included. I'm sure the NX won't have a list of stellar games at launch and given how poorly the Wii U is doing, may as well try to rake in as much as possible from one of their biggest releases.

And yeah, they could do it on the Wii U as well, but it's better to announce something like that for the NX first and then the Wii U so people can have som...

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A brand new one? I highly doubt it. Maybe an enhanced port of the Wii U one with all DLC included and extra modes.

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Been playing this game for a few days now and it's absolutely amazing; much better than I was anticipating. My only complaint is the real world can get boring because I feels lifeless.

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Looks really good. I hope it gets an English release.

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Damn. This game seems to be looking better and better with each media release. Can't wait to play it!

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If they made it optional with a much longer lasting battery, higher resolution, and replaceable via stores and not just directly from Nintendo, then I'd be all for it.

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Is that an official Sega Youtube channel?

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It's not even a matter of games. It's the fact that they humiliated one of their most important employees, treated employees like crap, and don't seem to give a damn about their fanbase. The damage has been done. I don't see them redeeming themselves until the current CEO steps down, they treat their employees with respect, and actually start making games that are relevant again.

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PS: You must buy the $75 or the $125 founder packs to be able to reserve your name.

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