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Such an awesome game. Hope we get a sequel

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I need to hurry up and finish Bloodborne so I can play this

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Too bad it's digital only in the US. I really wanted it, but not gonna buy it digital. And Capcom will wonder why this didn't sell well, lol.

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It looks pretty damn good considering it's running on an old version of the engine. As long as the final version runs at 1080p and looks smoother, I'll be happy.

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At the end of the day, game developers are business men/women. Even if Kojima did not want to make a MGS game, he knows his name is attached to it so he has to do a good job. It's better than being chewed out by the higher ups for essentially wasting their time and money on a bad investment. I enjoyed every single main entry in the MGS franchise, but you could tell with IV that he was a bit tired of it. Maybe he made Snake to be a tired old man in MGS IV to ...

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I think Kojima tried to stop working on the MGS series since MGS2 was released, but kept getting forced to make a new one by the higher ups. He probably had enough when they tried to force him to start on MGS6 after MGS5 has gone gold. That would explain why Kojima kept saying that Metal Gear Solid 3, 4, and 5 would all be the last in the series.

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- Drops PlayOnline
- Becomes Free to Play
- PS3 and PS4 ports
- Enhanced graphics

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You're missing the point. The point is that I want to be surprised by there being a hidden movie, too. Now I Know to expect it.

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Meh.... I wish people Would wait a week before they go spoiling the surprise

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While the Western one seems rather generic, it still looks better than the JP cover art.

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I agree. My only complaint so far is that I wish we were able to run faster in town.

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I really hope so, but given that SE hasn't released any new Dragon Quest games in quiet a while (besides ports for iOS/Android), my hope for an English release is pretty low.

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Oh, so God Eater is doing well? Can it get localized now? pls?

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Tales of Vesperia, Magna Carta, and the timed exclusive Star Ocean come to mind. It didn't exactly help the 360 over in JP as much as Microsoft wanted it to. It seemed that in time, they just gave up trying to buy exclusives/timed exclusives.

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Return to Dreamland and Triple Deluxe. Great graphics, simple gameplay, and no retarded mechanics.

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Because he lets people uploading his game's cut-scenes to Youtube offend him and goes on to getting rid of story related cut-scenes from the next game because of it.

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Can't believe they turned this into an MMO =/

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I have to agree with him. If you pump 100 hours into a game, it has to be great. Who in the right mind puts in so many hours into an FPS they didn't like?

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If somebody related to a Sony or Microsoft employee farts, they take credit for it.

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That looks like a long ass Facebook post, lol.

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