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The demo was absolutely amazing. The story was engaging and left me wanting more, the gameplay was a lot of fun, the characters are interesting enough and the lore has me hooked. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of are the character designs. Most of them look too generic.

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Zelda games usually push what the system is on can do and I think Nintendo pushes for that with each major Zelda game. Pokemon has a successful anime series, movies, cards, toys, etc.....and the games are constantly breaking sales records no matter what state they're released in. Why spend 100 million on a game when you know 5 million will be more than enough and achieve the same results?

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I kind of hope so. Between the Switch and Steam Deck, I've learned that I would much rather have something weaker, but portable. If Sony and Microsoft release hybrid consoles, that would be pretty cool.

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Me too, Ted.

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We'll see about that.

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I guess this explains why they were in no rush to make games. They didn't need to, to stay afloat.

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What would honestly surprise me for next gen is not being required to install every game. I wish we were given the option to install for faster load times or sacrifice fast load times to play directly on the disc. I know it's wishful thinking :(

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Wonder if it's some sort of licensing issue because none of the KH games have even been released on PC either. And lately, SE throws everything at PC.

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It could be that amiibos are just being used to bypass in-game requirements to unlock them.

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Man, I don't care what people say, but can we please have some more remakes? I'd love to see RE3 and CVX remade someday.

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Maybe, but as much as I hate to hate on this game because it does look fun, he isn't wrong. I think it had to do with lack of funding from Sega on this project. I hope this game becomes successful enough for another Shenmue game. Maybe Shenmue could be a reason to give the Yakuza series a break for a little while.

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Final Fantasy X / X-2
Final Fantasy XII
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Collections

Truthfully, in some instances, FFXII and some of KH2 look much better than this. I really am not trying to hate on this game, but I'm just saying the devs were either lazy or Sega did not have enough faith to properly fund this game.

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I'm definitely buying this, but why does it look like a remastered PS2 game?

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Looks beautiful! Can't wait! Is this digital only?

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Yeah you said it. I wouldn't expect this till 2020 at the very earliest. It was expected though.

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The only way they can redeem SFV is to release a public apology and own up to their mistake and release a new edition of it with all of the already released content included on the disc with new exclusive modes and some new characters.

Also, they can give gamers who purchased the original SFV access to additional maybe a new costume as a thanks for supporting an unfinished game. They can make it so gamers who have unlocked certain content or trophies can u...

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Not sure if he's OP or not, but he's certainly fun to play as

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If anything, we learned something about Microsoft this gen: they give up far too easily. They failed to captivate the JP audience with JRPG games, so they stopped securing exclusive JRPGs. PS4 is thriving this gen - leaving the Xbox One in the dust. Because of this, Microsoft wants to split their focus evenly between PC and their console.

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No. The game world seems expansive, but there isn't enough variety for me to justify paying $60.

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Good. Hopefully they'll add an automatic system in place soon enough.

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