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you do know that 90% of the people complaining about this game are PC gamers right?
They are complaining because its not getting the same support as TF2, they didn't get what valve promised, and because they will release this before HL2:E3.
you are just a stupid individual.

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and /v/ is gonna screw up that website...
we started the "I dont give F*ck" translator meme. and this guy is using our shooped pictures.

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The darkness i a really overlooked game. It had a great story and gameplay.
Too bad not many poeple played it.

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sorry to say this but steroids are not a big of a problem when compared with games like GTA.
I dont see a homerun induced by steroids have have the same effects of games like GTA and other types of drugs.

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i cant believe nobody has posted the leaked images of the game.
here is one by your neighborhood friend kami.(i hope thry dont take it down)

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i am just going to leave this here.

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enjoy your overpriced hardware/sortware

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is not that M4 is not confident. They know People just b1ich too much about everything.

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Are you guys seriously that stupid?
do you think that pic is in fact how the psp in going to look?
Please just kill your selves. Gawddamit im ashamed of how stupid people can be. seriously im not trolling

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he only did the first one. and that one was pretty good

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an whatever happened to the "real" metal gear solid 4 ending.
Im still waiting.

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nah he was more gay than anything.

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and her breasts are out of control too(spacially in sc4)

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waht a bunch of f-ing bullcrap.
I still play pokemon and im 18. I played it when i first came out and i still play them.

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Is it just me or when you get a high lvl in the multiplayer(one -3stars) the game turns into a f*cking mess.
Yesterday was fun but then today when i got to play with people of the same rank its just a mess. you cant do crap in the game. and don't get me wrong you are probably going to say "oh you are the one that sucks, GTFO" but im always 1rt place in all games. i really prefer call of duty 4 where there is more tactics always. no matter what rank you are.

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F yeah
keyboard over anything.

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Dude have you ever played over PSN?
If not then shut the f'ck up. The only games that have lag are the ones with two players or when a person has crappy connection. Other than that there is no lag in any game. and I DO play games online since launch without any problems with the exception of SF2Hd.

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