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So not only did racists steal poor Pepe but they stole KEK too? wtf?

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Guys this article is making it seem like more of an outrage than it was. I saw the Reddit thread when it was made, the guy was just pointing out the incorrect terminology, it wasn't some huge controversy.

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Looks really cool but also really rough, hopefully its later 2018 so not only can it be polished but so it doesn't get swallowed by all the big early releases.

EDIT: just watched some of the interview and the team is only 14 people, pretty wild.

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yeesh, i really hope the protagonist isnt black, i cant imagine the backlash if they go down that path.

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you're a real piece of shit, how did you spin Jeff saying he would like something to, its getting released soon. Desperate as hell.

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when they first talked about a sequel they said it would be a new cast.

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theyre not having a conference but theyre doing their Direct still.

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Never thought i'd see outrage that one of the four horsemen was a woman, like seriously that's been known for years.

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I don't understand what older sonic games being better has to do with SJW.

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Enjoyed Enslaved more would love a sequel.

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You must not play a lot, I run into a lot of women in my matches that use headsets. Actually had 3 on my team the other day, so imagine how many play without headsets.

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Been playing for the past week and it feels a lot like Rise of the Tomb Raider, it feels good for the most part but i have no interest in its side missions and I've come across 2 main missions where I absolutely hated their level design.

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Are you retarded? this is every single console launch, PS4's were broken left and right but oh, Switch was just rushed.

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its not a flagship series thats why.

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15 minutes? he's been on top for years and is still widely successful, he doesnt need maker or a YT red show to continue being huge.

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So EA really is done with E3, glad none of the other companies followed.

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