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With the new Vulkan update on Doom, The RX480 is getting near gtx 1070 performance.

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These so called "official banchmarks" are fake and big green lie.

RX480 is way faster than what ...

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Lol What? better drivers? I have R9 280x and never had a single problem and been using it for almost 4 years.
lately Nvidia drivers are worst and worst.
NVIDIA 196.75 drivers can kill your graphics card
NVIDIA Driver 364.51 it's breaking PCs
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I own a R9290. And recently bought an Asus gaming laptop with Nvidia gtx 970m, latest 2 drivers made it worst and worst. While AMD drives even the beta versions are very stable and never had any problem for 2 years.

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Political propaganda games disgust me. If i were the devs I would be ashamed of making these kind of western propaganda games.

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No they are not Bullshots. They are photomode captured by users and posted on GameTrailers forum.
The first GT5 link
was posted here: Photomode 100% taken by the user CoolColJ

GT5'photomode (last gen console game) and still looks miles better than the...

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Forza never was a simulator game. It has driving aids and active steering (which you can not turn off) since the first game. Its just at the third game devs started comparing it to GranTurimo and called it a "sim" just to grab some sales from GT.
But even with all the overhype and overrate when Fm3 released it sold almost 2.5 million.
And GT5 with the bashing and lower score it still sold over 10 million.

Gamers have spoken.

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FM6 is second weakest forza game. its 87 on metacritic.

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Btw those photomode screens don't even come close to the real gameplay. lol
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7m combines FM3, FM4, FM5, & FH2 retail games...

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Keep spamming like that with your photomode screens and you get banned for sure. F boy....

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7 out of 90+ million Xbox users
7 million means all Forza franchise. lol!

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Revolution against N Korea? lmao! Typical game for mindless muricans.

to bad this game looks good. But the share amount of western propaganda just makes this game look very bad and lame....

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This NFS will be the best racing game this year! Just watched some gameplay videos and it blows out of the water other racing games also releasing this year.

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Why do you need to show Killzone: Shadow Fall in Unreal Engine 4. When Killzone engine already looks as good as UE4....

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Imo i think MGS4 is last great MGS game and MGS1 was the best.
Even if this game gets high scores. its not as good as previews MGS games.

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This is probably the best looking racing game next to DriveClub!

This NFS and maybe DriveCLub are on my list. The rest look meh.....

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Looks ugly for a next gen racing game i mean seriously. The anti aliasing is non existent. no wonder its 60fps, its very blurry with lots of aliasing with flat and dull lighting. :/


@GamerGT FM 3 sold 2.8 mill in total in 2009. all flopza games combined did not even reach 10 million mark.

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On the driver side I've been a bit worried AMD is stagnating, but if anything they're more stable than some of the ones being talked about by Nvidia users, like the new version 355. One staff member I just chatted with on TPU said he's so fed up with driver problems on his 970, he's considering putting his 7970 back in. And he wasn't the only one complaining, many have echoed the same problems.

Nvdia dose not run this market because of drivers. They run th...

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