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xbox already talking about next gen only because they are losing bad and it feels like the original xbox all over again where they feel they need to jump onto next gen early to beat sony these microsoft guys are pathetic they will jump alone and they will fail and i believe these systems will last as long as last gen the days where you get new systems every 4 -5 years are over

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but why would they need to do that Nintendo as a whole with systems and games are doing alot better than Microsoft so why not Xbox since it its the weaker brand of the 3 and their systems not doing as well as Nintendo systems (handhelds included) I think you have a better argument that Microsoft should go software that's a better idea if you ask me

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i never got pc gamers but i always thought they were some of the weirdest ppl why the hell would you play with a mouse and keyboard when the controller is the best option and used in gaming y'all guys need to get with the times most ppl look at ppl who play modern games with a mouse and keyboard as weird which y'all really are no thank you ill be using a controller like the rest of the world.

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but up until now arkham origins was by far the best in the series better fighting better setting better story gameplay didn't change but added i believe if they would have hidden who made it or slapped rocksteady on the box ppl would have loved the game and not showed so much hate becuz most of the hate was aimed at the ppl who made it not the product itself

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im with you not buying this no smoke no buy for me alot of my fav guys are gone so ill pass

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all signs point to xbox not being around next gen

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Res evil 6 was my favorite that and 4 ppl need to get with the times if they kept it the same it was stay a niche title u need action in there and 6 was a great blend something for everyone i thing that was the point yall are just being selfish

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But its sellingg better then xbone how did they abandoned it???

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yea its better then he xbone more games fun i love the wii u

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dropped support well i think that prob will be the xbone since you know the wiiu is outselling it worldwide the xbone is currently in LAST PLACE face it the wii u is doing better then the xbone and will end this gen in 2nd place

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looks like wii U is gonna beat xbone this gen leaving it in last place nice told everyone dont count it out

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yea i understand what your saying but do you think this is their last handheld because it does really well in japan and we see japan doesn't really buy home consoles anymore so they would need a handheld over there to compete because the vita does better then ps3 and ps4 combined I believe if they do make another it'll be cheaply made and only available in japan with limited release in Europe they just cant afford not to make one for japan

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this is why gamers say M$ has been a plague to the gaming world they throw around money trying to buy their respect in the gaming world and this anti-compete mentally they have this is why they need to go get out of gaming we just dont need greedy companies like them messing up gaming i hope ps4 buries the xboxone in that same ditch with the original xbox and countless rrod systems where it belongs

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i think its safe to say its gonna be Nintendo worldwide appeal opposed to Microsoft just america once the games like zelda and smash bros its pretty much over for xbone

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Im with you ppl just love hopping on the ban wagon
I loved RE6 nothing was wrong with it we gotta start as gamers getting rid of the bias gamers that flame online its bringing the industry down

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origins was just as good if not better then the story in any other arkham game had they said rocksteady actually made it you'll be telling ppl how great it was

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but western devs arnt even really making and supporting the 3ds its Nintendo and Japanese games brought over here from japan

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i know and I guess the xbo cant be saved see as the wii u is currently outselling it and is 2nd place with xbo in last place.

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whatever it is its gonna be awesome that arkham origins was by far my fav in series and overall best story in series as well ppl only hated it because rocksteady didn't make it but they are on the level of rocksteady I'm hoping they will take over the batman games from arkham knight

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do y'all think this will be Sonys last handheld or they will make another but only in japan and not release it here in west?

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