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If it took you 100 hours to beat berseria's main story then I genuinely feel bad for you

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Assuming the PS5 would eclipse the pro by a significant margin, and most people aren't ready for the "pro" level of console to be the gold standard..it seems really stupid for a PS5 to come so soon. Let more people get into the 4k market and into VR. The demand wouldn't be too high for a console greater than the pro, and probably around 500 dollars by next year.

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I think that's pretty generous honestly. The only thing HW has that ARR wasn't doing on par was The Feast. The raid tier wasn't as good, a lot of job balance or design got botched too. I'm pretty sure after 5.0 we'll look back on HW as the weakest part of the games history (besides 1.0, of course). It was just really safe, and as you said..ALL of the side content was a complete and utter bust. I enjoyed it, but a 9, I disagree with.

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Well it finally just wrapped up. He's looking back on this whole expansion era, not just the base content (which is what most expansion reviews are). I don't know why that's so funny. Technically this is the most accurate review seeing as it includes patch 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.55

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"and gameplay/ bosses with more mechanics to really take advantage of the strategies their systems allow. Dragon Age Orgins comes to mind."

Yeah, DA:O did it better just cause it didn't chicken out and went full fledged MMO style. Stances, aggro system, roles, crowd control, AoE. FFXII is really basic in comparison.

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XIII much better than XV IMO

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Wow some of these look really good. I haven't gotten too hyped on Idea Factory or NIS games in a while though cause they end up being just low-budget fanservice written disasters. Valkyria is a definite pick up though. Surprised you mentioned Morrowind but not Stormblood. Morrowind is bringing some new storylines to ESO but Stormblood is completely revamping some of the biggest aspects of FFXIV, most importantly combat and PvP.

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I've never seen a game more up my alley than this. Love JRPGs and strategy games. Can't wait for this, I even signed up for the beta.

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WildStar failed because the progression system wasn't good and the devs wouldn't get their head out of their ass and literally told their fan base to "get good."

EQ Next was inevitable. The company got bought out by a venture capitalist group, and they kind of struck gold with their PvP H1Z1 mode (seriously, I don't think anyone cares about the normal H1Z1 mode anymore). So obviously they're gonna abandon the big start up and commitment costs of an M...

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At a glance, 7.4 is still a must buy from me seeing as the game is in my main genre..but wow. The story isn't good and that's fine cause I play Star Ocean for fun combat. But then he says the combat doesn't work. Well maybe I could play on a harder difficulty, lot's of easy combat doesn't feel very good in the first place.

Then the reviewer says TWENTY HOURS. The 3rd Star Ocean was TWO PS2 discs. 20 hours is extremely weak.

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I'm a FFXIV fanboy but I gotta admit this looks pretty good. I'm glad it's not F2P because to me those just feel like cheap cash-ins. I may check it out.

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20 disagrees? For him being excited about a PS4 feature? What in god's name..

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Been wanting a JRPG to play, got a 20 dollar PSN card too. Might snag this tonight on the PSTV

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Eh this was one of my favorite games from last gen. Had such an old-school feel to it. I played on hard mode and yeah it was hard and a little grindy, but I still had a blast. Seems like a love-it-or-hate-it kind of game for sure.

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This is something I'd definitely play on the side of FFXIV

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Probably the only comment in here that took braincells to make

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Very untrue. Watch the demo was 2013. The transition between PvE and PvP was seamless and done in real time.

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I've played Destiny. I said "I don't even play" as in I'm not active atm.

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Don't know why anyone would play this game.

1. It's a far cry from the 2013 demo we saw. It's actually insanely less social as before. They teased the game as a sort of H1Z1/DAYZ but with an actual funded developer. Then you play the Beta and you really only see people in the main hub, everything else is instanced.

2. Destiny allowed you to go to different moons and planets with cool vehicles and weapons and monsters. This is just walk into a room...

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Meh, there's only so many game modes that work with rounds based tactical games. And I've played a lot of them, and I have to say that I see more Hostage extracting in 1 night of Siege than I did in my few years of SOCOM.

Most of the time, it comes down to TDM but every now and then people do go for the objective. The objective is there more so that the attackers will have to make a play eventually because the clock will run out.

Overall, I don't ...

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