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Crisis Core storyline was epic, I wish everyone could experience it. It's like an epic story hidden behind another epic story.

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Im getting this game no matter what, just waiting for the beta testers to finish polishing for me.

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Nothing new here, they always list multiple games as exclusive when they have a little timed exclusivity or exclusive DLC, just a way to mislead the people that dont do research.

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Agreed. This takes away some of the magic, she was beautifully rendered, every movement was smooth.

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I really dislike the Dragon Quest games now. I used to enjoy them back in the Squaresoft days, and even shortly after their demise...but now these games just DRAG DRAG DRAG. The world of Dragon Quest 11 was lush and beautiful, but it felt so DEAD. NPCs are boring, everything was too easy, needs more action and dynamics like Final Fantasy 7 remake...this old style RPG was just too slow paced for me.

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Thats not the point RC. It's a new console, with leaps in graphics and performance. Super Nintendo games werent being released on NES for a reason, theres no justification for releasing dumbed down last gen versions other than GREED.

They couldve just released it on Next Gen consoles like they were supposed to, you get greedy you get SHIT on.

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This game was VERY ambitious. I dont think they underdelivered on purpose, I think they just didnt realize open world western RPGs like Fallout are literally always a bug fest when released, that's a huge project for a new studio. You will never get a perfect product at launch with a game as large and involved as this.

I for one will purchase the game once it's patched and fixed months down the line. It's a fantastic game, just very ambitious and unfortunatel...

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Makes me hat fort nite even more to be honest. I hate that they did this to Kratos, what a travesty.

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It's COVID season. Bring it on.

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Why? Theres no reason other than to appease a couple of feminists...want to make a female version of EVERY damn iconic character just for some crybabies that probably dont even play games?

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I have not stopped laughing since I read this. I googled the meme and theres so much gold.

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I purposely didn't purchase some of the AAA titles end of PS4 Gen just so I could play the inevitable PS5 versions. I havent played Ghost of Tsushima yet and cant wait to play it at its best.

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I never played the first ME, played the last 2 In the trilogy and I enjoyed them immensely. Im looking forward to playing part 1, not even worried about the other 2 to be honest. The first one was a generation behind, so im glad it's gonna get a glam up.

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Im sick of the spin offs. Ive played every single Kingdom Hearts game and I'm officially tired of playing through shitty handheld/mobile type games for storylines.

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hit the nail on the head. People do anything for publicity...may be nothing to this but vapor.

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I think it has to be a character that's actually awesome. Master Chief is literally the most uninteresting character ever, barely has any character development or any kind of interesting background story. Just a guy with a gun.

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I play it for a few hours a week, and as a person that has played JRPGs since the 80s I have to say this is one of the best I've ever played. It has such a unique style, nothing else like it out there.

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What a waste. I love Ni No Kuni but ill be damned if I play a mobile game that should've been on consoles. Disappointed, but hope in the future they bring something similar to consoles.

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How is it a kick in the balls lol, they remain making games for all platforms, and their games are a bug ridden mess to begin with. They'll be great together, maybe theyll bring something good to the table this Gen knowing Sony pumps out AAA exclusives like nobody's business.

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Theyre desparate. Game Pass is increasing exponentially in subscriptions but the business model isn't structured to sustain the developers. AAA titles take millions upon millions just to make, game pass will destroy profits for many studios and they'll begin to opt out. It's like having a $20 buffet and adding items like Golden Tomahawks and A-5 Wagyu, that price won't pay for the products you're offering! (good for gamers though, bad for industry and developers)

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