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Same as Gears 5? Halo? Makes you sign into your Xbox (Live) account when you start it. At least FH4 gets proper DS4 (and DS5) support through Steam.

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That game was on special so often that it has paid for itself a long time ago in my books

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Now all one needs is to be able to buy a console for once...

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What about RAM + GPU, Case? Also, the 7GB/s mean nothing on a PC - I got a NVMe RAID0 which can hit that and its still only marginally faster than an 500MB/sec SSD. Until there is direct storage utilized widely this doesn't do much

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While that's nice, I don't understand NVidias portfolio. Now the RTX3060 is 12GB, but the 3070 is 8 and the 3080 is 10. So, with the 3060 now probably becoming very popular one can expect Devs to leverage more memory in 1-2 years; Also because consoles have more mem. Will they upgrade the 3070 and 3080 as well? I wouldn't mind them adjusting the higher end models. You can hardly buy any of those right now anyway.

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I don't think its that much work to actually build a native PS5 version which contains all those changes. Supposedly the SDKs for PS4 and PS5 are very similar; in the worst case its a recompile for the PS5; can't believe that's not possible. Sure, that probably would require a full QA pass which they might try to avoid, else this doesn't make sense.

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Traded mine in. So, was $150, not 400...and it was absolutely worth it.

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Ha ha ha. No matter how often I try to go back to this game, it totally lacks direction and I get lost. Every single time. Looks like I am not the only one running around trying to find things to do. Sure thing, there are things one can randomly pick up. But the lack of goals is striking in that game. which is a real shame. I looks great, handles great, plays great. And then nothing. Plays like a screensaver.

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I don't game more on the console than on PC, lately, tbh.

But fact is, if I want something which plugs into my 4k 120TV without the need to tune the resolution much, the PS5 has plenty of advantages, Saying the 3060 is competing and would be a better choice is simply wrong.

It doesn't matter if for example the PS5 does render [email protected] and probably the 3060 is equivalent. I got my a XBR900H which doesn't do [email protected] It does fine in 4k, tho...

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All I see in his response is "we'll be spending more money" which could indicate they taking that seriously. But his response was way to blurry to actually tell what that money is actually used for to actually generate some real success (profits) for investors. So, all he said basically was "we have no idea how to win it, but I assure you we'll spend more on it".

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Obviously you haven't bought one yet or are one of the lucky few to got one for that price. Fact is, NVidia ref boards are no were to be found nor are board vendor cards, and neither of those go for MSRP which is $499 (before tax) for the 3070.

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Those GPUs are just coming out now - and you can't buy them anywhere. Good luck to find one (and so is the PS5, tbh). The 2080ti was the top end just a month ago. So, no, the 2080 is not going to be the mainstream card on PC any time soon. Even if the 3060ti (or possibly a 6700XT) will cover the $400 mid level segment, the majority of PC gamers game <$400 (rather 200-300 range) and that segment will not beat the PS5 any time soon. A RTX3060ti just plays games at PS5 level; and yet we&#...

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Why would you get a 3060 if you can get the whole thing for $400 which does the same? Sure if you already have a PC. But even then, the reason to upgrade would be go beyond a PS5. Otherwise, what's the point? Just get a PS5. Really PS5 for those games, and something at a >3070/6800 for a PC makes sense. Also a 3060 most likely would hardly go beyond [email protected], one reason to game on a PC is going beyond those 60fps.

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@cartoonx1 you must be kidding. The big machines hit the 4k more often than the XS hits its 1440p target. 1080p and dropping to 675p to achieve 60fps is a joke when discussing next gen consoles. Especially if a $100 more expensive machine can do exactly that, hit 4k @60fps (what's the $ per frame on that?)

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They don't have to put the extra effort into it. Just the same amount. Wouldn't those 2 extra TFs in HW scale automatically? How can that be the tools if it is in fact a HW feature?

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Since this also runs non RT modes, they should have enabled a 4k60 mode (or at least a 1440p unlocked mode with RT - VRR).

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Not just scalpers. But if a couple of 100k people hit that server in those 5 sec, its probably a bit rough on compute ;) And same. Page went down for me right on time, and when it came back, all stock was gone.

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None of the 3rd party games will/is use(ing) hw decompressed dma-to-texture (I suspect). At least none of them do, yet. PS5 titles do, like Miles Morales and Daemon Souls (level loading). So all you get is a higher bandwidth shoveling data to system memory and have the CPU crunch through those in these games. Performance optimized sequential loading. PS5 fills that buffer twice as fast but still needs CPU workload on it hence the "modest" improvement over the XSX.


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"Saying that would make ps5 win every time."


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Whatever it is. In this example the SX has an advantage. I doubt that Activision actually did not optimize for both and if they could have, they'd probably would have implemented it differently for one to match the other more.

But again, the more obvious reason why that could be, is that in lower bandwidth modes one can scale better and vertically which indeed would favor the SX more. Its kinda interesting that a 4k60fps mode is rather considered lower bandwidth in tha...

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