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It's lightweight and portable...too bad my 360's not. Unless they eventually come out with a slim ps2 style 360, I can't see how this could be useful.

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Analysts are all idiots? Not to bash the PS2 cuz I'm lovin Final Fantasy 12 right now, but it's like each analyst is throwin out a different opinion and in 5 years, yippee, one of em ends up being right. The 360 didn't have a disappointing year. We'll see how the sales go once the prices start dropping and the casual gamers upgrade.

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I played the demo and it was alright. There are too many better games out there that I don't have time for as it is. i.e. wii sports, zelda, gears, saints row. Good to see Armored Core scored alright. Those games were always fun on PS2

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Blue Dragon looks great and I can't wait to get it when it comes to North America. I also think it'll help the 360 in Japan, which is good because I want to see more japanese developers going multiplatform to the 360. Zelda is waiting for me under the tree and I can't wait to play it with my wiimote. Right now I'm tiding myself over with Final Fantasy XII. As a gamer, I say all sales are good sales. Now shut up and play.

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Although the ps2's hard drive was pretty much useless, it was 40 gigs and came with FFXI for 100 bucks. I'm hoping MS does something so I can upgrade from the 20 gig HDD. I really like downloading demos

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so that I can not worry about the format war and watch my regular dvds in HD through upconverion?

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How many hours do you think people will log playing this multiplayer...50, 100?

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I know a lot of people on here don't like the Final Fantasy CGI cutscenes, but I love em. It's amazing to see how realistic the ps2 could get showing off FFX cutscenes. I wish microsoft would throw some beautiful cutscenes in once in a while, but I know that's not their thing. Going by that I think that this will be a great way to ensure the DVD9 will have enough space for microsoft until we start seeing digital distribution. Sony, on the other hand may end up looking good for choosing bl...

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There's this thing called the internet that most people have already paid for, and the cool thing about it is they have access to all kinds of tutorials and game hints for free. 2K games all the way!!!

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You ever been in a college dorm? Walk around one for a while and tell me people don't think halo 2 was worth the hype

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Wouldn't connection include the output spot to plug the hdmi cable into? The port they have now outputs an alog signal, would they need some kind of adaptor or could they get by with hdmi out of that port?

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