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great article.

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Everyone crying about energy bills. If you can afford one I'm betting you don't care that your electric bill goes up a few bucks a month. It is a bit of a steep increase in power but overall efficiency is up over last generation and the perfomance at 4k/8k is a vastly improved over the 30 series flagship offering.

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I recall the first Stalker game as being pretty solid. I bought it on release day and beat it two days later. Great game. Back when patching wasn't automatic and you had to download the updates from the game maker's website.

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If they can get it officially supported on the PC that would help. The PSVR2, at least on paper, is quite a nice VR in comparison to what is available out there. I personally would love to buy one and be able to use it on both the PS5 (and the eventual pro version) as well as my PC.

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Check this statement again in a few years. I feel like anyone in the tech industry knows that whether anyone likes it or not NFTs are going to be a staple of every day life in the not too distant future. Saying this is like pandering. The only reason they're not doing it is because the ecosystem to support what NFTs will mean in the future just isn't ready or easy to get in to. And for those that thing an NFT is just a jpeg with a blockchain address you are mostly uniformed. (although...

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Its a fantastic game. The reviewer is right. If it you like those other two games you'll probably like this one too.

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So this is why so many AAA console "exclusives" find their way to the PC these days?

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I spent $40USD and have played the game and its many updates and content releases for YEARS now. Not gonna lie, I was hyped when they said winter 2017 release (LOL!) but they've been releasing so much in a trickle I can log in fairly often and find new content/game modes/features built into the game. It is strange to watch/play a game as it is being shaped and made. It has changed a lot in just a short time. You should try it out next time they do a limited time free test builds. It more ...

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My bet is that it will be another medium-small step in overall horsepower but more energy efficient with a few new bells and whistles added. Consoles are becoming the new smartphones. An updated version every few years.

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Tell me more, please.

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I'm still pissed about them ruining the Command and Conquer franchise.

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If they ever put the game on STEAM instead of just the windows store it'll sell a couple million.

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I think he is right. I loved the first two Xbox machines. When the xbox1 came out... not so much. I picked up a PS4 just because I felt it was a better machine for the money. I plan on buying an Xbox 1 X however because they've fixed an underpowered machine and brought to us something truly cutting edge (for a closed system console). I still will keep my PS4 Pro for the exclusives of course. But I am finally going to purchase an Xbox 1 as well because MS has addressed my concerns about th...

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No, but the price isn't subsidized either like the Xbox1.

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The new Xbox will succeed for the same reasons that all new video cards, processors, New Samsung/Apple phones all succeed. People want the newest, highest end, and updated products. Most people buy a new $500+ cell phone every two years according to Forbes. Why not a new console every 4-5 years for the same price?

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We already have this in games. You set the screen resolution then set the resolution scale (what the game will actually render internally) and viola! (had this a long time before 4k tvs btw!)

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Statistically speaking- no one cares.

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PC gaming has the largest "exclusive" library. And top quality? You mean AAA titles? They have a lot of those too. Just not the ones you are playing obviously. Not saying you should think the PC has better exclusives than say, Sony's The Last of Us, but if you like games like Star Citzen, RTS games like StarCraft, MOBAs like LoL or Dota 2, or several other games like Engless Legends, the many different types of Warhammer games spanning all genres then you know the PC is where yo...

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At the price point it is being offered at I do NOT feel it is underpowered but native 4k will truly struggle on this system. Im betting though most people won't be able to tell too much of a difference with the upscaling to 4k and native 4k unless they had a side by side comparison.

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I've read everything Tad Williams has done. I can't wait to play as my own Orlando!!!

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