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I’m hoping for elden ring

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I’m still confused because people be talking about how ms missed an opportunity with sunset overdrive

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Exclusives sell. I think people feel comfortable with Sony because they give a lot of freedom to their devs and has built many relationships in the past. Whilst MS has closed down studios and continues to deliver the same games since the 360 era. Halo, gears, forza rinse and repeat and what bothers me most is that the ms fanboys eat that up and support that nonsense. Sony has shown it’s willing to take risks and start new IPs or refresh the formula with GOW.

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Nowadays you get torched to death for questioning devs that the majority of people like. Death stranding demo bored me and it didn’t impress me with its bomb throwing gameplay against that oil dog and for having this opinion I will get downvoted because I just don’t accept whatever crap devs push out.

I loved the mgs series I felt it offered many ways to approach enemies. I can go in guns blazing or be a stealth non lethal guy but this, this just seems like it’s trying to be un...

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I think it’s more like dead by daylight and Friday the 13th

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Worst entries? Sorry to break it to you but that title goes to ff13.

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Hideki Miyazaki’s work is phenomenal and no cringe.

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That’s a moronic reason to quit a game.

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At this point they need to apologize to kojima and make amends. I’m not saying get back together but be on good terms with him and remaster mgs4 with mgo.

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I mean this thing probably costs a dollar to make

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I remember playing tekken 5, sc4, mgs4 endlessly on my ps3. It was the first console I bought with my own money and I was making minimum wage at the time lol. PS3 will forever be dear to me with all its fantastic games.

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Bring back resistance but improved from part 1. FOM was so good it was painful to see the sequels go backwards.

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Man U guys are upset at this, I wish people would be this outraged for the price gouging warframe does. 60bux for 1 character... that’s absurd.

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No not even close

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I guess when you’re losing this badly you wana make it seem like you’re the good guy. I’ll never forget the kinect and their slimy attempt to have the Xbox spy on you.

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Who cares really

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Probably the worst FF I’ve played. I just mashed X and I won.

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The government? You mean like, the military? Lemme know how an automatic rifle would fair against an aerial strike.

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Like ff14

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Yes it is, shb also has an insane amount of fetch quests that will bore you to death. It’s shocking to see so many people praise a dlc that’s a third of nothing but fetch quests for the purpose of lengthening the dlc.

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