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Forza, gears, halo rinse and repeat.

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Lemme guess... More halo, gears, and forza?

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Do people like it because it’s a fun game or just an interesting story? I like to play games with interesting stories but at the end of the day it’s a game first. If the gameplay isn’t good then I can’t see myself completing it despite if the story is good.

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Her body looks really good but her face is a plain downgrade. Looks like they tried to make her look like a Hispanic milla jocovich or whatever her name is. A shame because her re remake face is the best.

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They’re not just remasters, it’s completely remade from the ground up. How proud can they be? Really? They’re revered as a top tier devs by remaking classics.

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Why would that be weird? Fromsoft didn’t work on the remaster of dark souls so why is it weird if Bluepoint was making a remake of demons souls?

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Knee has dominated the tekken 7 scene for a good while and then he met Arslan. It was shocking to see him get outplayed so effortlessly.

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Been waiting for an re2 sale at 20. Hopefully steam has it at that price so I can have mods.

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This is the true public service right here. Thank you sir.

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There are no lines being blurred... I mostly play female characters to create the ultimate waifu, not to identify with it. The author may not like fan service but a billion trillion others do and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even girls themselves love fan service and I’m not talking about male fan service either.

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Lmfaoooo 😂

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Desperate times

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Even if it bombs it won’t go away. Google is going to dump money on this thing until it becomes mainstream.

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Forgive me box

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Why tho?

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There’s an agenda behind her that’s why. She represents diversity and scarlet witch is just another white girl and they already have their golden girl captain marvel. Sad thing is I think scarlet witch is the strongest among all of them and it’s a shame they aren’t using her more. Although I think she is getting her own tv show.

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It’s about how Ellie is a lesbian right? It’s always thrown at your face at every trailer so it must be that.

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I wish his legs were spread a slight bit more to make him look like he’s about to raid the fucc outa that place like in the original. This art is good but he looks to be just be admiring the view.

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Wouldn’t it have to be a killer game to begin with? I mean I’m not a fan of borderlands but maybe that’s the game to try n kill.

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