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It could've been made already but Harada lacks the courage to go through with it. He still believes people don't want this game beside having an enormous amount of hype behind it.

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It's 2 zoning characters fighting each other so yeah naturally there will be a flurry of fireballs being thrown.

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Can they make a mod to delete soul memory? Or a mod to make ds2 not suck?

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Idk, to build the desktop I wanted its roughly $3500-4k and that's not including peripherals. I rarely buy games at full price so I don't see how I would be saving.

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An exercise that helped me is to repeatedly move in a circle with the wasd keys. You want to build muscle memory on those first to establish your default position so you won't get confused when you deviate from there. After a week u should be fine.

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When I moved I opted for something portable and so I got a razer laptop. The thing is phenomenal, it blew my mind how much more powerful it was than my ps4 pro. You can imagine how surprised I was to find out that this laptop I bought is actually not that strong and so now that I'm more stable I'm looking into building a full fledged pc desktop. I still use my ps4 to play with my friends but most of my time is spent on my laptop.

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Diversity nowadays feels very forced.

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Kill it with fire

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I don't mind waiting, im saving myself for a pro version so I won't have to double dip. So by that time there should be quite the significant amount of must have exclusives.

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Is this phase 1 of sonys new world order? Anyway this girl looks very smart and I'm wondering if she will be next ceo after Jim. Hope she has much success.

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At what point does it stop being a game and more of an interactive movie? Why not just make a TV show on Netflix if a story base narrative with little gameplay is your goal?

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Harada is what happened to txsf. He's incredibly spineless and is constantly in doubt what his fans want despite txsf having a huge amount of hype behind it.

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Hey super akuma would also beat the crap out if me in street fighter alpha.

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It's not just talk, ff14 is already doing this. That game is subscription based and they charge microtransactions such as better colors, name changes and sever changes. It's a 12 dollar monthly sub and they charge 10 bucks to change ur name...

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I wish naughty dog would dabble in the realm of scifi while leaving the sjw agenda behind.

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I hope kojimas next game will be more like mgs4 and mgo2. God I miss that. Ofcourse that game has to have the world's worst publisher so no remaster

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Guardians of fate with ninja jumping scorpion tanks sure as hell captures the soul of the original.

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Lol wtf? Xbox has a whole generation of mediocrity and sony has 1 dull year and you see all these articles pop up, "is sony losing its touch?" "Sony is doomed!" Where were the xbox is irrelevant articles?

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Like oldboy said, you probably need to clean it. Would also recommend you buy a cooler stand for it. Had my pro since launch and the fan is always quiet.

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Except in this case, Sony has the quality and the quantity.

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