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Same here, I've been needing a good tps for awhile now. After warframe, nothing rly stood out until this.

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I never played 3rd strike in its prime but man was that scene hardcore. I got into sf4 and enjoyed it but I couldn't hang with the 3rd strike people.

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Unlikely, most games these days focus on being an fps.

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How bout they finish the game already Jesus christ its been 84 years

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I disagree, FS came at a time where devs were trying to please the casual audience by hand holding you through their games. Demons souls said the hell with that and gave something to the more hardcore audience even if it was accidental. I blame the wii for casual pleasing, lbp was important also but I feel the impact of the souls series was far more important.

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So they're pulling a last jedi where everyone is a hero and it basically deminishes your status as someone special. As the great syndrome once said, with everyone being a super hero, no one will be.

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Pretty much this. I'm sure I, as an individual, wouldn't be able to beat a single one of these girls in a game.

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I've said it before n I'll say it again, even girls like having sexy female characters.

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Idk what I would do if bloodborne didn't exist.

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Well even having 2 rtx 2080ti struggles to achieve a stable 60fps at 4k for modern games. Best wait for the next generation of cards.

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Idk why people are hating on this game I think it looks fun. So many games cop out with being an fps but these guys had the balls to go tps. Not enough tps these days and this should give me my fill.

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How about battlefield and how they pretend women were in the front lines of war? Heck even cod does this.

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He found out that E3 will be sponsored by hot cheetos this year.

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I rather buy a Chinese brand at a fraction of the cost. They work just as good.

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Ps4 n pc. Or ps4 n switch. I still don't know why people buy Xbox.

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They eat bat's and raw baby rats too. Let's not pretend that undercooked meat doesn't exist also.

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It's not the only thing that'll get ruined.

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This guy said he made the dark souls of shooters... Just disappear already.

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They should make it like dark souls

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