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Oh yeah? Tell me again how much those new Samsung pro ssds cost? It's funny that you omitted that from your comment. Also, my ps4 has an ssd in it.

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Hell yeah and I hope he smokes another good one like he did with the ps4 deep dive.

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Risk if rain 2 is a good game.

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I was bored of it the second it became a BR game.

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I would suggest a stand cooler. Don't get the one that attaches behind the console and make sure u get one with good reviews. My ps4 pro stays quiet.

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Lightning was better in dissidia duodecim

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@teflon I beat it by just pressing x...

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This Gen along with last Gen I bought 0 EA game and 0 ubisoft games

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Uh this is directed at people who can't beat the scorpion. Are you one of those people? Or do you feel personally attacked?

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It was more annoying than hard. You have to memorize its patterns and a mistake I made was thinking I could interrupt my attacks with a block. So you have to stop attacking all together, wait for the attack animation to end, n then run away from the aoe. Other than that it's garbage day.

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That looks very rough... I wish Sony would make a AAA competitive shooter for those who aren't big on single player.

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I won't lol

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You don't need to have him be a lingering presence to "build up" his character. His introduction to him in the original was superb already so why ruin that? Goddamn this is why I didn't want a remake they weebed the fucc out of the game.

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The demo left me underwhelmed as expected from watching videos. Music doesn't slap me like the original did and the acting is abhorrent.

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What do you mean free? You buy the game and you have to pay a monthly sub. That is not free my good sir.

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It is a nice dress... I'm guessing it'll cost 19.99 and no outrage.

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Rap should die

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What's with the hot girl that sprouts out of ruby weapon? These Japanese devs have rly strange minds.

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Climate change is pc now?

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What's meh about it? The controls seem tight and snappy. It's cover based but enemies find ways to make u not a camper.

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