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That would actually blow my mind of we can get a transition from planet to space in real time gameplay. Space would have to be endless tho which I don't think they can pull it off but if I can travel to saturn without any load times I would purchase a ps5 without hesitation.

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I'm sure the 2 trans folk that played this didn't even care.

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Only exclusives will take advantage of the ssd and let's stop pretending as if the ssd is going to revolutionize anything. Rn we have vast and empty open worlds in several video games and no fast ssd can ever fix lack of creativity for devs. No doubt Sony fan boys will eat this up tho and talk it up like the second coming of christ.

This is literally the blu-ray all over again.

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Lmao that thumbnail. PC players killing younglings.

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Why is everything an fps?

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Should've gotten the bloodborne composer.

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When will it arrive on steam?

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Zarya really let herself go

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Would be cool if I could set up what to boot from my mobile phone. That way if my friend wants to play a game I can change it from what I have on default.

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@blacktiger he does have the right to judge. If people are being dumbfks then let's call it what it is u dumbfk.

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Sony defense force working overtime for free

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Yup so the ps5s ssd is more like a 500gb drive.

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In other words, spend more money after dumping 450 bucks. Samsungs plus SSDs are on sale rn for 200 bucks... And it's possible it isn't fast enough for the ps5...

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People are going to excuse Sony here but the fact is alot of people are pissed. You can blame the people all you want but at the end of the day, Sony threw momentum at Xbox no matter how you try to spin it.

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It clearly states in the title California.

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Okay but we're talking about next Gen. And if you want to get down to it, ps4s BC was even worse than the Xbox one so pick ur poison. Hilarious that you want to call me delusional.

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There's thousands and thousands of games, and they're gona check em 1 by 1? Sorry but xbsx wins in this front by a large margin. This sounds like pr talk.

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You talking about this Gen or the next one? This article is about next Gen

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People were starving for information, with Xbox showing off what they have in store for its fans the ps fans were anticipating a reveal. This seemed like a way to talk about the ps5 without revealing how Xbox is dominating in specs and once people realized that the ps5 is significantly weaker than the Xbox I think people are now frustrated with Sony.

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I'm tired of this argument that it was for developers. Fact is they streamed it to the masses including consumers. If they wanted to target devs then they should've had a private meeting. It's a misstep on sonys part end of story. How did they not know their user base was starving for a reveal?

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