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Demons souls remake just blows everything out of the water in the ms pond.

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Lol you're actually excited for more halo, gears, forza?

Why not just go back to 360 and play those games again?

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Looks like a wifi modem

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Lol bet if ign gave it a low score you'd be like, "lol ign." But now that they gave you the score u wanted to hear you take it at face value.

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U care enough to respond

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The more I look at it the more I realize this to be true. The original had a very decrepit feel to it and the remake looks like it's missing that Miyazaki magic.

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Any of these will do it for me.

Bloodborne 2
Demons souls remake/remaster with dedicated servers
Elden ring gameplay
Mgs4/mgo2 remaster
Silent hills w/ kojima

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FF14, SF5

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If that's the case then this might convince some developers to go exclusive.

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Really the only thing I would want is discord support. Would make a world of difference for crossplay.

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I was pretty upset when they announced the ps5. But then others started explaining to me why my anger was misplaced and after reading several n4g users explain why it's great I changed my tune. I mean Sony already has the best in the business when it comes to graphics so I'm very curious to see what they can do with the new tech.

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Meaning the backwards compatibility will have no issue running tlou2 on ps5.

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What makes you think it will be clunky? Most remastered ps3 games that got 60fps run without issue on ps4. Heck just look at dark souls 1, 4k and a butter smooth 60fps.

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Yeah this happened a few years back and there was an announcement.

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Scorn devs are in some serious damage control. Almost every major developer has praised the ps5s ssd and scorn devs are trying hard to downplay it.

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Imagine if it was a guy killing them. Never would be allowed in today's sensitive media.

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You're not very good at reading are you? Clearly says ellie learned from the best after being praised for being a killing machine. 2 points related to plot.

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Who gets disrespected by a shemale.

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