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I’m not going to deny that it’s good, it does hit me in the feels. But it also has me me skipping nearly half of it because it’s filled with boring characters arcs that aren’t related to the main story at all. Idc about this guy’s hardships with the damn trolley or about how this tribe doesn’t get along with another tribe. Even after skipping so much, it takes an absurd amount of fetch quests to actually get to the good stuff.

Like I said in the other thread, music is great...

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He’s obviously going to praise it to hell. If it’s Giuseppe reviewing that guy has a bias for this game. He cannot be critical of it.

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Uh no certain certain areas you can’t use to teleport to you have to walk there. You check the map and see which one is the closest aetherite only to realize that it’s not actually how you get there. Then you have to walk around in a circle towards the stairs which will lead to a dead end and realize that’s also not the way to get there. I’m not the only one who feels this way, plenty of people ask for help with the yell feature. To say otherwise is disingenuous, I think you’re one of those w...

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Hope you like an over abundance of fetch quest and doing millions of them before even doing the first dungeon. The trailers also made it seem that the dark knight would hold some special power in this new world but that is not at all the case. The story can be good but not before it bores you to absolute death and stomp on your corpse.

This is why it bothers me when they try to make the game more casual friendly, their casual filter is already in place and it has not been a...

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I may support this game when tifa releases.

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Focus on hardcore gamers who obsess over the latest features? You mean like a system that could keep a steady high frame rate with a high resolution and responsive controls? Sorry wsj I don’t think you know who the hardcore audience is.

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What am I looking at the picture above? That’s not metal gear

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Maybe minfillia will be black and thancred and rauban will be women.

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I was thinking there would still be load times but the loading is only in the beginning when you boot up the game and the rest is just instant. I wouldn’t mind that.

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Maybe Nomura will rename the materia into something like, “ancient Magicite of the celestial azures.” So cool and super fantasy!

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Too bad he’s pure scum and a complete d*ckrider of all devs in video games.

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Can Konami remaster this game already with a better netcode for mgo?!

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This article is correct, both google and Microsoft will be competing for 3rd place.

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Join me in FF14 guys :)

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Well if you wanna get down to it, seph can just equip a multiple final attack with Phoenix and knights of round. There, wakka is dead and seph revives himself.

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Wow screw you sega! I’ve been waiting years to finally play this game and you release it on Xbox only?!?! Wtf???

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I heard it was supposed to be a like a dcuo game? If we can make our own heroes that would be cool.

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What are you talking about? Ff14 is a subscription based game and it just crossed the 15m player mark.

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