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The game is sad pc agenda and you sheeps emboldened this cancer to thrive in video games. Even the first one had pc agenda but most people were too young to realize it.

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Does it have Co op?

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you can wait... i wont.

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Well I share your mentality that it's not a killer app, you can't deny that it's a huge money maker for Rockstar. Even on my ps4 pro with an ssd, it still loads astronomically slow. Imagine if that's eliminated on ps5? That would be huge.

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Wasn't MS trying to hold back next Gen by making cross Gen games? Looks like devs aren't having it.

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uh demons souls remake?

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Can you confirm if there is a lightning bolt by the USB port? I think I saw it but I couldn't tell. If there is, I wonder if that means it's usb 3.1?

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Thought app meant like YouTube n stuff. I just want discord and I'm good.

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Well the reason Sony was so hesitant was because the demo that was shown to them was an awful depiction of what the final product was. Then Sony Japan stepped in to help out and by that time FS was taking liberties with the game. It's possible dms could've been a generic game if Sony had accepted whatever they were shown.

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Wow that 3rd Pic nails the feel of the game. Wish it was like that.

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I hate n4g community at times. If you don't fully accept anything Sony you're a blind hater, and it's obvious most people here haven't played the original dms. This is a legitimate concern going around and many people feel this way. N4g is fully of Sony fanboys and will down voted anyone who dares have criticism on anything Sony related. Sony is perfect!

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Pc can play games at 300 fps yet it can't run ratchet n clank so get wrekt. We haven't even begun to see what devs will be able to make on ps5 so in the meantime, enjoy your elevators.

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Fact is, digital is outperforming physical by a country mile so I'm sure Sony isn't sweating you guys trading.

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One word

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How does having more space make it more appealing? The whole point for this argument is people thinking disc's saves space which it doesn't. But if it did, wouldn't the trade off be that u save space? Both consoles have the same size ssd so no point in people getting upset.

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Ima get the disc version, I love 4k movies so.

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Yeah I was pissed when Sony opened up their show with gta5. I wanted to see next Gen, not last gen(ps3/360) but at least they delivered afterwards.

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