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can't wait for this game to drop on tues! steam is gonna get hammered. imma be up as early as possibly starting the DL :D

nice to see X1 and PS4 being nearly identical

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i LOVE this feature and use it all the time. so glad Sony switched it to Spotify.

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realism at it's finest. your gf/wife will look busted with time too ;)

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i sat here with the page open and got a phone call. within 30min they were all gone :/

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i couldn't get into FC3 for whatever reason so i played very little of it. FC4 pulled me in immediately. such an amazing game.

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i took a day and a half off of PTO for this game lolol

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i really REALLY hope that they do snow again around xmas. one of my favorite memories about last year was playing this game with the snow. for whatever reason it really put me in the xmas spirit.

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the best deals for a PS4, that i've seen thus far, are the $399 GTAV+TLoUR and the $409.99 Destiny bundle on Newegg's eBay store. the Newegg one is the best, imo, because there's no tax and free shipping...

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i don't know why you're still playing this game, either. i'm actually ready to just trade it in but i'm trying to wait for my brother to pick it up so we can run through it together.

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i hope co-op is added for the sequel. that would be insane chopping off heads with a buddy!

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i'll just leave this here

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i'm the guy that commented on your vid. don't worry, bro, the more you play the better you will get and the more devastating your character will become. captains and crowds will become something you charge into. remember, concentrate on maxing out Elf-shot and try to unlock the abilities by killing captains. once you cut your hit streak down to 5 plus being able to be hit once and retain it, in combination with drain during combat... just crazy unstoppable.

i can&...

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hey man, don't hate. some of us are father along than others. he'll get there. i binge played for like 9hrs the other day. the more you play, the better you become. having a lot of Elf-shots in combination with great runes and shadow strike make this game so very easy.

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nah, you can die. captains will keep spawning and increasing in numbers. you'll go to fight one, then all of a sudden you'll be fighting 2 or 3 at once. it can get crazy.

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i don't have a ps3 anymore. sold it when i got my ps4. i watched my brother play one of the batman games and the combat looked rather clunky to me with the slowing down of time in between hitting enemies. there's just more to do in Shadow than what i've seen of the batman games.

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good challenge. i almost died a couple of times haha so fun.

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i never really enjoyed assassins creed and i still haven't touched any of the newer batman games. this one just looked far more interesting than those 2 franchises.

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it is for me, that's for sure!

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i haven't been playing as often since i've been a level 22. i'm waiting for my little brother to pick it up to dump more time into it. plus... shadow comes out tomorrow.

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lol @ Lukas. exactly what i was thinking. i'll wait for reviews etc before i even consider picking this up.

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