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I'm loving it so far. Although I do have the very annoying light flashing bug on the bottom of my screen. Stupid me thought it was a hint for where the blue medallions were at first haha

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I actually downloaded this after it hit the PS catalog and my goodness was it awful lol. The acting and story telling in the first 30 minutes made me uninstall. I figured if it came out swinging that bad then I was all set

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Everyone's different. I don't think there's a need to put a negative connotation on it. For every person like your friend, there's another who just simply enjoys those moments of happiness.

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RIP to the dummy who just got Sword of Night and Flame and the mimic tear summon... it's me. I'm the dummy

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I started playing guardians of the galaxy last week and would def put it in my top games of the year. Feels underrated

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Look up a comparison video of GTA AI vs 2077 AI and then come back lol. Plus I don't recall GTA releasing bug filled and broken save The Definitive Trilogy which can definitely be argued released shitty

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Same. I traded in my PS4 Pro (was shitting the bed hard) when I finally got a PS5 and at first went to get the Pulse with my credit but after a quick review look up, went with the SteelSeries Arctis 7P and they're the best gaming headset I've ever had

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If it's done kinda like how Titanfall bots were done then it'll be cool with me

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I think in a perfect world, subscription-based services for games is absolutely good for gamers. Since they've become popular, there's no real long term effects that have come to fruition yet. All we know is that, at the end of the day, the corporations are going to get their money in some way. So the only question is if/how that will end up hurting gamers in the long run

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Review scores, performance, bugs,etc are definitely relevant when talking about a product being successful. It made money in the short run while marring it's reputation in the process and turning off a portion of it's fanbase that will certainly hurt sales in the future. It will have to spend more money on quality assurance for future releases in order to try and get rid of the stigma it created. It will lose pre-order numbers on future releases. Doesn't sound that successful

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TLOU2 Factions update please!!!

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That one is ugly af

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I loved the first game's MP. Put in a loooot of hours lol. Definitely get rid of the pay to win mechanics. Selling guns and perks was a big no no. I like everyone's idea about PVE elements. I would like a MP mode that ties into the metagame more. A mode where one team is only trying to search for supplies in a big map and the other is supposed to defend. Maybe put a time limit and make it where noises bring in NPC runners, clickers, and such. And then have a random exit route open whe...

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My only gripe would be that they just added Spiderman to PSNow last month and they've had multiple months of double dipping. But I know not everyone has psnow so what can ya do

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The reviewer basically just says how much he loves Kojima and then says a bunch of things wrong with the game and still gives a 10...

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I get this is a touchy subject with the backlash/mob mentality that's been taking over... But I think we can all just take a step back and at least get the point. Artist just want to be recognized for their talent. And not for the fact that they happened to fit a certain mold. Most anyways.

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Damn, why is everyone getting dislikes for just saying what games they are looking forward to playing? Bc it's Xbox? I only play PS but come on, who cares?

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If he's a soccer fan then he probably already owns the game lol

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I don't like them including sport titles. Especially soccer though, if you're a soccer fan in the US, then you probably already own this game as a gamer.

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I'm a PS guy, but let's be honest. If this was an Xbox exclusive, there would be a whole different narrative to these comment sections. And it's painfully obvious.

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