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American involvement, let alone African-American involvement, was relatively small in comparison to the casualties & financial input of the European war efforts. That's not belittling or racist, just the truth.

TBH, a Muslim Ottoman-Turk is more deserving of the front cover. They punched way above their weight in military terms.

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In other news:

9/11 was inspired by Independence Day & Ghostbusters

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Just like to say a big shout-out to my boys at HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank & all the other multinationals in London that have kept the British economy going for the last 2 decades. Frankfurt & Dublin are open for business.

Maybe Boris Johnson will make some pocketchange selling all those vacant skyscrapers in a joblot

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As much as i dont like to admit it, but I thought Uncharted 3 was a massive disappointment, compared to the near majesty that was Among Thieves.

So much so, that I skipped TLOU on its initial release on PS3. Thankfully I came to my senses and picked up the Remastered version on PS4. And f**king loved it.

U3's set-pieces were spectacular; but the story lacked coherence, the villain's were forgettable charactures, the multiplayer lacked the chaotic...

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Credit to the author. Nice change from the general dross that passes as journalism on N4G.

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I remember a recent interview with Sean Murray of HelloGames. He couldn't get over, how rubbish the press were, when playing a demo of No Man's Sky.

Scary to think, that most of these clowns can destroy the sales & reputation of a game, because they have zero gaming competence!

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It's the simple things like; the way Nate adjusts his hair or rubs his faces, if the player looks at a mirror, that really show ND's focus on detail.

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@Fin At the end of the reveal trailer: Xbox bundle with VO 'Play first on Xbox...phweew'

Yeah, Im sure EA dont get any marketing kickbacks from MS!

No denying that Sony buy 3rd party marketing either, but the difference is that, is that they don't neglect their first party studios to do so!

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But Xbox gets Battlefield 1 THREE days earlier than PS4. Who needs exclusive games, when MS spend their studio budgets on amazing 'content' like that?!

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Can't wait! Very underutilised time-period in gaming. If anyone is interested in WW1 history, listen to Dan Carlin's 'Blueprint for Armageddon' podcast series...a crazy war, but fascinating.

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Enlist another player to tunnel from the other pole, to attempt to meet in the many possibilities!6

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This opinion piece is all kinds of wrong; TR Anniversary is good, but the best in the series?! Just my opinion; The Last Revelation & Chronicles are waaay underrated

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UC2's Village map hands dowm

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@nix: You must have loved Uncharted 2, Tenzin is the lad!

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The game is pretty much uncrackable on PC, a lot of 'pirates' hanging up the eyepatchs & peglegs and buying legit.

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Gamers not the companies, I fear would come off a lot worse in that scenario!

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Ouch...Europe (with the exception of UK/Ire) were PS3 strongholds...even still that is a huge disparity

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Robosexuality is immoral

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I picked it up cheap & played through on hard, at a lesuirely pace.

I really enjoyed it; great setting, graphics, story. The gameplay was heavily criticised on release, but I thought the gunplay had some real weight and the QTE's weren't too bothersome. Length was the only issue, but at the same time I got 8 hours of cinematic gameplay for the same price as a 2 hour film in the multiplex.

Would love RAD to pull an Uncharted 2 & knock it out of...

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What I hate about the settlements, is the inability to actually clean them up. No options for premium/restored items that don't look like crap. Who wants a penthouse with holes in the walls and pi$$ stained mattresses? Non-removable weeds on the pavements aswell....grrrrr

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