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Whats SH!T?...

use your words buddy...

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Neither did Reach... so its actually the best expression for its storyline.

But yeah its Halo... those who hate against it, have no reason too. Because of Halo every single FPS benefits from its success.

The FPS genre wouldnt be nearly as popular today if it werent for Halo... and deep down everyone knows this.

EDIT: I hear the Sony army coming for my bubbles LOL!

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Im a camper... there i said it.
Dont give a f***en rat arse if it pisses people off. I like to think of it as strategic positioning between objectives.

And hey your the same idiots that arent good enough to take me out. You americans running about on your solid green bar connections while i sit in a corner red bar laughing my way to a nuke.

But that being said when i do (though very rarely) find a green bar game, i do tend to run about.

And as if t...

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looks like its coming along nicely, though the textures on the ground dont look like they are where they should be. Character models look great, AWESOME looking Jackals.

Im just glad i have more HaloZ to play, i dont care if the franchise is milked from here on in... if Microsoft tell me to bend over and take the 'next' halo game, i would gladly unclench.
Because its actually the first console game that made me truly love FPSs. Well actually Go...

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no its just that its Final Fantasy... seriously its the worst franchise to ever plague a console.

And there is absolutely nothing "Final" about the game.

better stop here before i go into 1 of my racist rants.

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thats a matter of opinion.

I reckon GOW3 and the whole franchise is trash.... so i must be right since its an opinion...honestly i would rather make mini master chiefs out of my own feces than play GOW3. and even then my own sh** will have more replay ability than GOW3, so releastically speaking my s*** is better than GOW3. FACT.

Halo is my favourite FPS game of all time and i like the story... sorry but i win here.

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Wow you really are stupid. i aint british buddy, you must have been brought up under the same bridge as HHG. Learn your flags buddy.

lol harry potter HAHAHAAHA

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Am i the only person here who finds God of War childish?
Seriously whats so special about ripping someones head off?

But to be fair i havent played any of the God of War games, so i cant really say much. That being said i would never buy the game anyway, let alone buy a PS3 for it. Dont like the whole asian 3rd person swing your sword around real fast crap games, they are a button mashers game. probably why 8 year olds are so good at it.

Though visually the gam...

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as in grew up under bridge hence his lack of education??
The man is a complete muppet, seriously do people in america talk like this idiot?... if so my opinion of americans is spot on.

Here HHG have some KFC on me, maybe that will help you chill, HAHAHAHAHA! its funny because you people think its racist HAHAHAHAHA

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the movie was bad enough, who in the right mind would buy the video game??

Movie was the biggest waste of time ever and i had had enough of it when there was still 1h30mins to go.

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while the graphics may look good compared to a 3rd person shooter, it wont be graphically better then UC2.

while i dont like uncharted 1 or 2, i will admit the games do have the best back-drops in the console gaming world, atleast that ive seen so far.

The most impressive thing about BFBC2 is the sheer size of each map and the ammount of graphical i guess you could say polishing, they have managed to apply is pretty f***en fantastic.

Im trading MW2 in fo...

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I am a self confessed Halo worshiper, if Halo said jump, id say how high.

Yes i agree the story as gone down with 2 3 and ODST(WTF? was the point in telling that story anyway). But since Reach has already happened and the book was awesome, the story has to on some level follow suit and kick some serious arse.

I'd better start brushing up on my betrayal skills again, yes i am the Halo team killer you all hate to play with, but i think its hillarious.


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LOL let me rephrase that so it will actually get some kinda reaction from a male....

"either its the Xbox, or you can smash my Box" everytime (even though its a trick) my GF says that, the control goes down immediately.

but lately its not of an issue since MW2 is crap, i turn it off as soon as she asks just cause i cant stand the game any longer.

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Halo world wide will probably sell more disc world wide, but GT5 will give a HUGE HUGE HUGE boosts to an already rapidly growing PS3 community in Europe.

And its (GT5) still the only PS3 game that could push me towards a PS3 purchase... i just want to actual gameplay and REAL screen shots of GT5 before i go and get my pre-order... so i will be leaving it very late until i get the game anyway.

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@ lonmix
LOL! high 5 for that one

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only 2 years to make then?... why has it been about 5 years in the making?? either Asians cant count or thats a lie.

dont put that trashy game in your PS3 anyway, i hear it causes cancer

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Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64. Its is the only game to have ever beaten me. I just couldnt beat that f***en flying pig DAMIT! i get angry thinking about it.

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I hated the movie, why would anyone buy the game??

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I would glady trade my copy of the game with him for that. MW2 is crap, its the game that has killed the franchise for me. Its multiplayer is horrendous, seriously the multiplayer team at IW need to be shot or linched from the highest tree possible, because they killed multiplayer.

dont say i suck because thats not true i got a K/D of 2.02, its the matchmaking that is flawed beyond repairable.

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