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Everything about [email protected] was better than MW2, the matchmaking, weapon balancing, map design, less bugs... only the under the map bs, and Nazi Zombies... tell me how MW2 beat that? because it has a AK47 and M16?? sorry i still choose MP40 with dual magazine Stopping power with steady aim... and bandoiler and betties.

Lol "Tojo in the Dojo" love that... Cliffside my favourite map anyone beat 126 kills 11 deaths???... Im pretty proud of that one... i had constant dogs... f***i...

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For me Conkers: LIVE and Reloaded split screen multiplayer with bots was the most fun i had ever had playing a video game. Perfect Dark Zero did a decent job, but then again i didnt have Xbox LIVE when the game launched to had no choice but to use bots.

Seems RARE are the only developers who still slip them in every now and then.

Seriously i gunna go play some Conkers now.... if i can find it. Teddiz for the WIN! Love the names the Bots were given in Conkers as well....

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I love the Ghost Recon franchise, in my opinion the best of the Tom Clancy games.

Wonder if they will keep Cpt. Scott Mitchell as main character...

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Thanks buddy... i knew you would understand.

This is actually my world your living in believe it or not. And my opinion is the only one which counts.

every disagree shows the ammount of incest and rape loving pedos on N4G... sorry but thats just fact.

And did you just use the word "heck"? how old are you 12? then i can understand you watching anime, since your balls are yet to drop.

and now I await my ban

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Mass Effect is the first franchise to instead of putting a game on a disc they put EPIC BRILLIANCE with a touch of AWESOME!!!!

The Mass Effect universe is the new Halo universe.

Damnit why'd i lend my copy to my brother... i want to start play through 3.

on play through 2 only my Shepard and Miranda survived, everyone else bit the bullet... Garrus and Grunt dieing pissed me right off... oh and Thane

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You mean targeted at the pedos...

Never herd of this game until now...

but from what i see it looks pretty f***ing s***.

seriously who the f*** watches anime, let alone a anime video game rpg. The only anime i watched as a kid was Pokemon and Dragon Ball, but come on who didnt?

JRPGs to me have the worst gameplay on the planet, Final Fantasy is the biggest example of why i hate them. Its gameplay resemble the tactics used in the American civ...

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Oi what the f*** buddy!?

Im N4G nominated racist... and i aint letting an American terd like yourself, take that away from me.

while i dont like Asians or Asian products, saying they she be wiped off the planet is a little extreme dont ya think?

And putting America in charge of the planet would f*** things up even more... plus without the Asians technology will never advance, everyone knows Asians take the nerd level to unbelievable heights... sure there...

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lol he's pretty good at not delivering whats promised.

Fable 2 anyone?... the game was still great but should have been better.

PLEASE do NOT make Natal compulsory... i dont want to have to buy a $200 web cam just to buy a video game, plus everything is better with a controller.

Natal or motion controllers will NEVER take over for a actual gaming controller. If they ever do... i will stop all gaming altogether. As it is my love for gaming is dieing. The ...

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While i love the Fable series, its ruined by Peter Molyneux's over ambitious ideas.

He talks about emotions so much, yet the game lacks it completely. the only game with a emotional level is Mass Effect.

And he loves hyping the hell outta his games doesnt he?..... he talks em up to such unrealistic levels that you always feel disappointed with the final cut.

Lets hope F3 can deliver the same experience that F1 delivered.

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and in my opinion Uncharted 2 lacks in story and gameplay... honestly while the game looks pretty, theres alot i hate about it.

1) Tomb Raider minus the boobs
2) Retarded animations like its from the first King Kong movie, you know clay animations.
3) S*** story
4) male under-wear model as main character
5) gameplay which in my opinion is just bad.
6) though this isnt the games fault,its the PS3s i hate the controls...ND did the best they could but s...

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Baltimora - Tarzan Boy

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you mean for low life pervs

seriously people its a video game... kinda sad really.

my girlfriend made me sabotage all the relationships on my first playthrough of the game, so thats the first ive seen.

Like the music in the video though.

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I love the game... havent played anything else since i got it. This article is pretty sad, sure little annoying things exist within the game. But the same problems exist in all games.

Though i did laugh at his nit picking, i reckon the worst thing about ME2 is how they scaled all the major Planets and the Citadel down in scale. I liked the Citadel back in ME1 i felt more open (which it was) and actually felt like the main focus of the galaxy.

But yeah stop trying to ...

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The longer a console is out the better the graphics will get... thats just a fact. If the developer is willing to put the time and effort into constantly pushing and pushing the graphics and inventing new compression techniques these consoles (360 and PS3) could last a very long time.

It only becomes maxed out once they stop trying...

That would explain why UC2 graphics were so damn good, because Naughty Dog actually put time and effort into developing a game engine ...

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if i could i would give you a big kiss on the forehead.
Everything is says is right... about ME2, 360, etc...

Everyone knows the 360 could have been better made, you PS3 fans just sound like a broken record player, if all you can hold over us is RROD and DVD9, we 360 customers win.

lol at Saaking, trying to make out as if disc swapping is such an issue... when the game asks for you to insert the next disc, it just pauses the game, which you then get the f*** up...

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god save you country if that ever happens...

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your the idiots who voted for a man who is nothing but talk...

but then again so did my country.... our prime minister has been nicknamed kevin 747, cause he is always jetting across the globe to shake some idiots hand and speak fluent mandarin (thought that was a fruit?)

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but according to PS3 fanboys gears is crap... so why would you want it?

Bring on GEARS OF WAR 3!!! Now EPIC... how about fixing that broken matchmaking system you fools replaced over the GOW1 system?... huge mistake going true-skill matchmaking. That only works for Halo, and no other game should even attempt it... because Halo is the only game that can get away with it.

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Bungie have already said that the only way to play the beta is through ODST. LOL demo disk....

Im will ing to throw 100 bucks down right now that, conquest doesnt exsist and that the front page will look nothing like that.

PLUS there are about a 1000 of these on youtube all the same but different menu options. and they all use the annoucment trailer as the background.

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Yeah im super pumped for this game... my 360 has been switched on in about 2 weeks.
But what makes Mass Effect 2 even better then most other exclusives, is the fact its also on PC... which means twice as many people get the chance to bask in its glory.

I think the days of the exclusive need to come to a end... its pointless comparing exclusives on different consoles. The day all games go multiplat, the gamers will start to win. Cause at the moment all exclusives do is turn ...

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