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Horrible screenshots. Doesnt do either system any justice. If anything seeing these particular screens should steer you away from the console versions, and have you running for the PC version.

Even thats sites "HD" pics were bad.
note to the germans zooming in on images isnt considered HD.... its called bulls***ing, so congrats, you pulled it off nicely.

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"Whats that? you pooped in the refrigerator?... and ate a whole wheel of cheese?... No i aint mad.... Im impressed." - by far the most random conversation between a man and dog i have ever heard.

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Really it all comes down to the player. Mass Effect did everything perfect in my books, i felt abit of a connection between the characters, and got pissed off one the last mission when they all started dropping like flies on my second play through.

I havent played Heavy Rain, but from what Ive seen i can see the appeal to it. Sure it may lack in what some call "gameplay", but i think thats good for a change cause it helps you focus on the story... which i think in Heavy...

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Im still on my launch console which i picked up at the mid night launch.

Sure its loud... actually sometimes i think someone stealing my car out of the driveway, and sometimes the disc tray just refuses to open... i fixed that problem with a steak knife lol.

But other than that it works fine, never crashes. Come to think of it the only game that it froze in was Oblivion and Perfect Dark Zero, but no game since then.

I must be one of those lucky few who g...

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Cry me a f***en river

you mod you get banned, its no secret... MS warn you about it all the time.

I agree with the ban and with The Pro.

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They were never gunna drop it... words just got taken outta context then inflated with bulls***. I hope they drop the franchise for a couple of years to work on another title.

Halo isnt going anywhere, and i dont really think Bungie trust anyone other developer to handle their precious Halo... i dont want anyone else to make Halo BUT bungie.

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the game is meh... i reckon BFBC2 looks better.

plus i hate the Final Fantasy franchise, so i will never admit it looks good. Hate CGI cut-scenes, thats why i wasnt the biggest fan of Halo Wars... the CGI ruins it.

But BFBC2 DOES look better.

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lol i too am interested to see how Saaking will spin those screen shots.

It impossible to compare to the production process of 2 games. Every Bungie game has had a different Project Leader, so the build process would vary from leader to leader.

And not to mention Bungie Studios has grown alot in size since Halo 3, so more people working on something means things can be improved alot quicker than they once could.

Sorry PS3 fanboys, but i have already pre-...

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So its this guys job to point out the obvious??

While the Wii is a console, i think its not included in his opinion. i would assume he means between 360, PS3 and PC.... you know the real gaming consoles.

Which Halo Reach will win hands down, in the exclusive department, and going buy how many copies Halo 3 sold in a week... it could also be a safe assumption that it could beat CoD7 in sales.

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We know.... glad to see the man is coming to his senses.

However the people behind him and his games are geniuses.

As far as Im concerned the only credit Pete gets is the recognition that he ruins his games, not the people who work for him.

The man needs to have his lips stitched together, and then just maybe... Fable 3 will be able to deliver what Fable 2 promised... though i not getting my hopes up.

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Of course Mass Effect 2 was over hyped as was Uncharted 2, all Halos, KZ2, MW2... once the media get a whiff of a new potentionally great game they set about ruining it for you by building up your expections to unrealistic levels.

Thats why i didnt look at any reviews or previews about ME2 until i had finished it. I the game did not disappoint me. I'd give it a 9.6, its not perfect but then again no game is. If any game is 'perfect' then in my opinion somethings is seriously wron...

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I dont care what other people say about Halos graphics. Cause it aint gunna stop me in the slightest from a day one purchase.

Sure KZ2 looks good... actually scrap that, it looks amazing. But to say it far out weighs Halo isnt true.
Those who cant see Halo for what it is are blind... Halo IMO is one of the best looking games out there. Its graphics set it apart from all other games, notice people say it still looks like Halo?? thats intentional!

People who hate...

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as if anyone thought they wouldnt be in Reach?

Brutes were encountered before the Elites (going by halo canon). Its just that i think they will be taking a more back seat ride for this game. You know the heavy reinforcements accompanied by a pair of Hunters.

And Reach wasnt the biggest war between the Covenant and UNSC, Harvest was... Reach was over the quickest, because the covenant didnt muck about they came to Reach and pretty much glassed it as soon as they were ...

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yeah im with you on that... it sounds interesting.

though every apparent screen shot looks like concept art to me...

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Each 360 console comes with only 3, 1 month trials per console. so at the max you can only have 3 free accounts which are only good for a month. And it would be easy to determine which account is a trial or 1 month, their system would just check subscription begin date and its expiry date. So those XBL number are by far more accurate then PSN numbers, my mate has 6 on his PS3.

And no matter what way you look at this, Microsoft wins... they pocket over a billio...

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i think for a change it would be good for all multiplats if the dev decided to make the lead development console the PS3 for a change... they all use the 360 because it is by far more simpilar to program, then do a half arse port over for the PS3. And it just also might shut up PS3 fanboys saying that the devs are ripping them off with cheap ports.

I believe anything the 360 can do the PS3 can do the same and vice versa.

and i believe its impossible to compare exclus...

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that vidoc actually got me hyped... i now have the same feeling as i did when i first heard the announcement of halo 2... and i love that feeling.

They have clearly put alot of work into mixing up the campaign, and its gunna work because they'll make it work. just hope they keep some of the new features as a campaign only thing, multiplayer needs to remain the same imo... to change it could lose alot of fans, but we'll see.
for example sprinting in multiplayer means its hea...

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Exactly... He may make great games, but the man is an attention seeking turd.

As long as the health regeneration graphics dont cover up to much of the screen like some games, there is nothing worse than being near death and trying to run for cover when you cant see where it is your going because of all the blood on the screen.

Good or bad idea... hard to say with a RPG, but it works for Mass Effect, but then that more a shooter.

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Halo has no equal when it comes to gameplay... except for maybe Section 8..... which is unheard of nowadays. Halo has shields therefore it cant be compared with instant kill CoD.

Didnt know they were making a Killzone 3, atleast never heard of it... and 2 Killzones in 2 years?? talk about milking... yeah thats right even your precious Killzone is being introduced to the farmers milk bucket. thats the problem with making great games... in the end its gunna be sucked dry by the con...

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There is nothing wrong with the games quality... Bioware cant release a patch to upgrade SDTVs into HDTVs. cause that would be magic...not a patch.

If you dont like it, tough luck... save your pocket money, and buy a HDTV, they are worth it. You can find half decent ones for around $500...sure they are smallish but they still exist.

I recommend LEDTVs though, mine kicks some serious arse. 116cm of crystal clear beauty. too bad i dont have a blu-ray player....

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