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yeah its click RS, though im not sure it works while on the move. think you gotta be standing still, which is a pain when the enemy are closing in on you

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Demo felt short too me... well compared to the Just Cause2 demo it was. but still really enjoyed it. Its the first splinter cell game ive played so, yeah if people say its bad they're just idiots... cause as someone with a fresh approach on the franchise its kick arse. feels like its the Jason Bourne Trilogy.

But yeah only complaint is the demo was a little short... only took me about 15mins on normal difficulty. and thats with reading the tutorial and learning the controls. And ...

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I want to hear more about the betrayal booting and stuff. because as a serial team killing offender i want to know i wont get kicked on my first hilarious betrayal. I love having some 5 star General on my team and watching him rush the sniper rifle and get the first 5 kills of the game to just be splattered by me in my warthog.

Halo is the only game i can play without getting angry. Halo has moments which can never be re-created in any other game. For this reason its my favourite...

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Highly anticipated?

no such thing coming from Codemasters. the only game i will ever buy from Codemasters is Dirt. you cant mold s*** into a teddy bear and then try and pass it off as one... my advice keep quiet and let the game flow unnoticed, then BAM! hit em with all the goods 3 months from launch.

And what chance to they think they have coming up against the juggernaut in the FPS genre that is Halo?

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Im a 360 enthusiast and i gotta say the game looks like a bore fest to me. the trailers cant hold my attention for longer than a minute. Seriously in the 2033 there are gunna be gargoyles in Russian subways? and dragon looking things? if this is the case we are f***ed.

the genre has been visited hundreds of times and so far only 1 franchise has done it successfully... Fallout. and with New Vegas just around the corner this game fails in comparison. this game just proves that no g...

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Sorry it just wont happen... well actually thats not true. If and when it can go head to head with the 360 in price, and i mean the $199 mark...

Say this is the PS3 year, say next year will be... but truth is the console still costs far too much to be even considered competition too MS and Nintendo.

but i lol at the hope Sony have... by 2014 seriously i dont use the term lol very often if at all but this is a lol moment. LOL.

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Am i the only person who looks at this game and thinks "Wow that looks incredibly generic and i see absolutely nothing appealing about it"?

The game looks like a bore-fest to me, however Just Cause 2 is right around the corner and i dont care about another mediocre post-apocalyptic FPS... its called Fallout and it beats Metro like its a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay.

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Yeah im not a fan of anything remotely motion controlled.

Natal- no thanks i would rather hold something in my hands.
Move - Why? dont go down the Wii road... its almost sad.
Wii - just get out of my sight, you have ruined videogames for ever...

The less senior pensioners i see playing videogames, the better. Something very unsettling when you see someones grandmother rage quit Super Smash Bros... then turn around beat their grand child in frustration. ...

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Yeah it looks better then BFBC2 and MW2... but i was always put off by MoH, the franchise never stuck to me like BF and CoD.

The game does look seriously good on a graphics level, but the animations need alot of work. Compared to BF MW2 and U2 the animations are terrible. didnt know robots were fighting our wars...

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Say what you want about it being the only game 360 fanboys have to play... still doesnt change the fact that the game is also the #1 multiplayer game on the PS3 and PSN... but of course thats another story with a perfectly good excuse, right?

I f***en hate MW2 seriously, most ridiculous crap ive played since CoD4, oh wait? SNAP!
bring on Treyarchs next installment in the CoD franchise.

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buddy your on the wrong site and wrong forum... these people here dont listen to reason. Its troll or go belly up and surrender to the droids... either way defending the 360 is a lost cause, these morons wont here any of it.

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Funny you say that... what makes you think i cant play them? one of my mates has UC2 and will most likely be getting God of War3... so i will still get to see GoW3 in all its failed glory.

I've only spent about 45mins playing UC2 and it did nothing to impress me, it looked pretty no doubt but it was meh. Sure i had been drinking and the game wasnt making senses to me and my eyes felt like they were melting inside my head, so i gave up and played some motorstorm... now thats a fun...

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Hang on a minute i thought you PS3 fanboys were saying Uncharted 2 was the best action game ever... now its God of War 3??

You people just seem to jump from one burning raft to another with the impression that the next 1 will always be better when it just another burning raft head for a waterfall, never to be seen or heard from again... im just saying, thats what you guys look like to me... or atleast the impression i have of you guys in my head.

Pick 1! action game ...

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bu bu bu but but...the 360 is dead in the water.....


but still... it wont last, everyone knows that spot is reserved for the PS3 right?... it will get day...soon...ish... we think...

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This game smells of awesome! it literally burns my nose hairs when i see this game.
Though i will be getting it on 360 (no other choice, dont own PS3 or a decent PC), i will be going around to my makes place to see it on his gaming rig, which he is currently rebuilding from scratch... so far it has cost him $6K, he holding out on completing it for a while to see what new GPUs come out in the coming months, or some bs like that.

I dont see the reason for having a suped up g...

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Um this worries me... if it only last 30-35hrs including multiplayer that isnt saying much.

The way i read that is, after those 30-35hrs i will no longer be interested in the game.... thats a bit concerning.

what should have been said is that it 'lasts for days not hours'.

BFBC2 has me hooked at the moment, my gf cant even get me off it... and believe me she f***en HATES it, she just gone to bed now so im thinking of firing up the 360 turning the speaker...

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Has everyone forgotten Shadowrun?... Im not surprised. the game was flawed.

Back in 2007 ShadowRun was on both PC and XB360 with cross platform play written on the front cover of the game box. it was obviously because the developers who made the game didnt believe the game would sell at all so they thought combine PC gamers and XB360 gamers to make up the numbers... sadly that still didnt work. Sometimes it took about 20mins to find a game, and when you finally found 1 the lag wo...

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I guess Activision fire the wrong people then... It just goes to show that it doesnt matter how much someone loves their job, if you stab them in the back, they WILL bite your balls off.

Definitely one of the most creative lawsuits i have heard of... i actually hope Activision loose this one. Activision need to get off their high horse and take a long walk.

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the controller throwing part is true, I've been through 5 controllers from CoD rage... all starting with CoD4, i was never a angry gamer until CoD4 entered my console. And sadly the rage is getting worse and worse...
thats probably the number 1 reason why my girl friend hates me playing video games... i guess she has a valid point after all.

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Nobody is actually saying Halo Reach will look better than KZ2, its just the PS3 fanboys trying to kick a unborn baby still in it mothers womb...

And honestly those who are saying KZ2 is graphical master piece are idiots, i mean sorry but come on... if your saying KZ2 is 1 of the greatest displays of the PS3s graphical power, you actually insulting your own console.

And people stop doing your own comparisons between the 2 games, because you guys always end up (as the...

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