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gotta give em credit for trying, but it will never take off. just not responsive enough.

And arcade machines have had this for a while now.

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i actually kinda understand him in that quote... a Exclusive cant get gamer wide appreciation if its exclusive to which ever platform.

But that being said, it doesnt hold back a games preformance or ability to redefine a genre.

Uncharted 2 may not have redefined the genre but it did a damn good job of taking top spot in the genre... i dont like the game or the genre by the way but i can admit it is the #1 Action/Adventure game on the mark, just the game has no appeal...

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I refuse to download it. its absolute BS.
1200ms points for 4 poorly designed maps and 2 which we already own... seriously get f***ed. there is nothing Stimulus about the map pack, all it does is allow IW to suck that little bit more of gamers cash outta there pockets... seriously the price is the most outrageous part, in my opinion its bordering the lines of criminal mismanagement.

Would rather spend 1200ms points on avatar items.

CoD is dead in my eyes anywa...

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cutscene... or PC version maybe.

Wasnt enough on show to be considered impressive. but still got my fingers crossed

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110% flamebait... why was this even published and why is it even in the 360 zone???

but if its true (which i doubt), i lol. Because the PS3 community talked the game up so much yet none of them want to buy it... thats not going to help the developers when they come about to making a 4th installment to the franchise.
Actually it kinda makes sense if people are more inclined too rent this game... being its a single player story driven scripted game with no multiplayer and re-...

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saying its pushing Crysis level graphics is a bit of a stretch... the game does look good but i will reserve all judgement until i see a couple more trailers. the character models look a bit off to me and look like they may need some further work.

And doesnt anyone else think that it looks a hell of a lot like the new Unreal Engine demo Epic Games showed a couple of weeks ago?

Anyway i am interested to see how this game pans out... finally a game where my 'Camping' o...

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Im gonna keep it in my pants until the Beta comes out... so far i have heard of too many changes to the game and its multiplayer to make a decision on whether its for the best or the worst.

The game is starting to sound like a CoD Battlefield and Halo hybrid. CoD like perks in the form of armour abilities loadouts like Battlefields and based in the Halo Universe.

And in the Books doesnt it say most Spartans could go punch for punch with Elites? and that their main ad...

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I know what you mean... if it was a 'you Raff you Ruse' thing, i would have lost it at the part where MC started the Belly-dancing on the Phantom Dropship

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BOLLYWOOD action movie comedy with Master Chief belly-dancing on a Phantom Dropship = WIN!

But on a serious note why must Bungie play with our emotions i was anticipating something HUGE, sure i cant wipe the smile off my face right now but seriously Bungie..... stop it!

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Gunna need a bucket and alot of rags to clean this mess up.

the fan girl in me is screaming the house down

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Old news... renewed by a new source.

Hate it when turds start claiming everything they only just hear as new when its been floating about for the last 2 months.

But yes Reach will be awesome... but please loose the jetpacks, thats the only thing i dont like about it. the thought of jet packs makes me cringe.

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YEAH! loved TDU... its 1 of only 3 racing game franchises i like.

Though its sounds like they are looking to turn it into burnout... and so you all know Burnout (because of Burnout Paradise) is no longer in my 3 favourite racing game franchises. I got bored with Paradise to f***ing dfast it wasnt funny.

And Car games should NEVER have a story <FULLSTOP.> Look what happened to the NFS franchise... after Hot Pursuit 2 the franchise went to s***. and have only jus...

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This video below sums up Heavy Rain to the T.


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Sorry i must have clicked on the wrong link... and wrong site... i didnt know Obama(lol computer says its a spelling error) was a person of importance and had any relevance to console sales...

Dont worry buddy, education is overrated. I left school when i was 16 to do a carpentry apprenticeship now 21 and own my own business... the longer your at school your only putting off your future... some see it as a way to make your self a future, but thats a croc of sh**. <...

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Dont get me wrong i worship the Halo franchise and Bungie Studios... but when i saw jetpacks in multiplayer abit of that Halo fanatic in me died...

But i give them credit for trying it out... i guess this is what the beta is for, to see whether the fans approve... but sheer ammount of features they are pouring into this game is mid boggling... lol i gotta a feeling this game could possibly be on 2 discs with Campaign on Disc 1 and Multiplayer on Disc 2.

Though i am w...

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Ah buddy thats cute...
"Uncharted: DF >>beats>> GeoW
Uncharted: AT >>destroys>> GeoW2 "

You'd better hope so.. since GeoW was released a year BEFORE Uncharted DF and GeoW2 was released a year BEFORE Uncharted AT.

So saying UC over Geow means nothing, since there is a a year difference between both games debuts and sequels.

And i will take GeoW over Uncharted everyday of the week... shame EPIC ruined Gears 2 m...

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i dunno.... the friendly fire one was hilarious and the last one was pretty good.

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Im not racist, i just use racism to my advantage. and honestly racism when used properly is hilarious... and may i point out that there isnt even a race gene, therefore racism shouldnt mean anything to anyone.

And all you humanitarians and human rights idiots are all hypocrites... i bet my balls you all laugh at racist jokes whether its about whites, blacks, asians so seriously harden the f*** up they're just words.

The kinda of racism i cant stand is the killing of ...

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You mean Americas President. actually you mean Americas newest waste of space. he has done nothing since he has been in power... and he is more interested in posing for photos with his wife and flying around the world on "business trips".

But yes Portal is awesome and Portal 2 will also be awesome

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Im a little concerned about what you just wrote buddy, you say you wouldnt report to the authorities but you also fail to mention that you would delete it. Plan on keeping it for yourself do ya?

Anyway you can only send 1 picture per message and that article states that mulitple were sent, yet only the 1 message.

And those who are saying you NEED a XBLIVE Vision Camera are wrong, its a little thing called Photo Party which allows you to send images to friends from y...

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