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Elder Scrolls and Conkers would trump my list.

I hate fantasy games and anything remotely linked or that involves magic of any kind. But Elder Scrolls is the only exception... Oblivion blew my f***ing mind.

Conkers Bad Fur Day, for me is my top 3 video games of all-time... just behind Zelda: Ocarina of time and Halo:CE
Yes i was one of those people who were let down by Live & Reloaded... the multiplayer, while still fun was ruined by the overall a...

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my biggest worry is Bungie dont really have any experience in making mulitplat games... they have never touched a PS3 dev-kit so i fear that their first attempt to crack the PS3 market may fail... and developing for the 3 major consoles (PC, PS3 and 360) spreads the dev team a little thin.
Im not saying i dont have any faith in Bungie, its just that i think people are expecting too much from a very inexperienced developer when it comes to multi-plats.

And can i point out th...

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This is the greatest news in gaming i have ever heard... this site ACTUALLY put up gaming NEWS for a change... omg could N4G be going in a new direction....... nah who am i kidding. Good work to the whoever submitted it.

IW are over-rated and so are their games, but any who time to go play some MW2..... shut up! im not a hypocrite.

Now Treyarch can take the reins and actually make a working CoD game.

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I have heard this exact comment from my girlfriend... you think its a sign?

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What part of "NEW IP" do people NOT understand?

Its not Marathon and its not Halo, im almost willing to put my house on it.

People always look far too much into any video thats Halo related... ever stop to think that its just a f***en T-SHIRT! of course not, that would require logic, something the gaming journalism industry is lacking nowadays.

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As much as i love halo, i swear a statue is overkill... all i want is the game the manual and behind the scenes... and possibly extra DLC content if available.

Plus its just incredibly sad seeing people walking around with a crate above their heads screaming "ZOMG MOAR HALOZ!"... i saw it last time when i went to the Halo 3 launch night, i bet that kids parents are proud. *face-palm*

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they had their chance to get it right for launch back in November... too little too late.

plus it doesnt mean anything to me i always pull host over americans and europeans anyway.

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There isnt anything good on cable television anyway, just endless reruns of the simpsons... not only that it has to take into consideration every nations broadcasting laws and ratings classification systems before even thinking about it.

No one in the right mind would pay $500USD for TV, on a console.

This is the first i have ever heard of this patcher guy is he always this retarded?? or was he raised by a herd of buffalo?

Has even been right?...atleast ...

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I dont give a rats arse about winning. im more interested in making it so only me and nobody else enjoys the game. For you see i am an arsehole, and always will be... any chance i get to betray someone i will take it, and if i can make the game as miserable as possible for other gamers i will.

As long as i am laughing i dont care about the end result... even if i lose i have a smile on my face, and just because the other team wins i know for a fact that they are pissed by the way...

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Camping with a Sniper is expected, but with a SMG really?

But i cant say much im guilty of all forms of camping... i like to think of it as "strategic positioning between objectives", hence my decent 2.50+K/D ratio in almost all shooters. My K/D in MW2 at one stage was 22, then i started the knifing lightweight business for a while so it dropped really fast.

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Killzone 2 has better looking gun
Crysis 2 has better looking environment

but we'll see when the game ships though wont we

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OH he just went there...yes he did.

High five!

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If i was them i would stick with CGI and original voice cast from the game.

Seriously John Dimaggio owns Fenix its as much apart of him as Bender is.

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looks pretty decent... better than GRAW 2 anyway.

keeping fingers crossed on this one.

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just because you have Elmo as your avatar doesnt mean anything you say is taken with any credibility or seriously. Personally i think the muppet that lives in the rubbish bin is of a high intelligence level then most people on this site... including myself.

And i have played Uncharted 2, i played for a solid 10mins...roughly, then decided a game of darts is more interesting(but i did watch about half the game, lost all interest when i saw the blue ape things in shorts). Played th...

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Theres nothing any Sony fanboy can say about XBLive gold membership fee.

The way i see it is the more money MS get in their pockets the more likely that product is gunna stick around. Whether you like it or not soon Sony with PSN will be doing the same thing... billions of dollars is too much to pass up annually.

Remeber playing games on a service for free is a privilege not a right, Sony and MS are bother business corporations... they dont care about your rights onl...

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I honestly cant tell the difference between the Graphics of UC2 and JC2... to me they are near identical.

Sure call me and idiot, im cool with that, its actually the first name i was given before given my real name (My dads first words upon seeing me were "look at that idiot!"... so im told). But just because you disagree with me doesnt mean im wrong. Im more impressed with art-styles... which is why i like Gears of War, starting to get turned off by Halos art-style (li...

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5 hours? thats a little on the short side aint it?

OR perhaps a certain someone in particular is bulls***ing everyone, trying to wage yet another unjust and unreasonable flame war... im just saying.

Honestly the length of the game isnt so much as a problem, its the quality of the story... no one wants to sit through a 12hr borefest of a campaign. I say if the story is GOOD and interesting the length is irrelevant. Its like movies, did you really want to sit through a...

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Just Cause 2 is awesome without a doubt but, ive played it for about 30hrs now and only completed 18% of the game... there is far too much to do. And the sandbox is so huge its almost a chore getting from location to location.

I havent played it in about 3 days now simply because ive put so much time in and gotten no where in the game. Though the game is a visual achievement, the world is so large yet so detailed... its probably the 1 of the greatest technical feats since Crysis....

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I'm sitting here with a recently dislocated now relocated shoulder... and I'm more angry that once again developers are nerfin a PC game because of consoles.

Even though I'm not a PC gamer, its laziness on Crytek's behalf that the PC gamers will suffer, just because consoles cant cut it doesn't mean that the PC version should suffer for a consoles incompetence.
Make the entire game with what ever feature it is then just cut out at the end... that PC wins and consoles are we...

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