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All these major exclusive console games are over hyped... and we, the gamers werent the ones who were hyping them up to ridiculous levels.

the media are solely to blame for the over-hyping of videogames. me personally some of the greatest games i have ever played were the games that werent really that well known.
first off there is:
Zelda: Ocarina of Time 10/10
Golden Eye 007
Halo: Combat Evolved

but i also loved:

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Bad Company 2 is pretty awesome though... and has a intensity level CoD will never reach.

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Whats does it matter?

So the second the bad guys start killing Americans, its sickening? and shouldnt be allowed?
Sorry but you Americans are starting to sound like 5 years crying because your team is losing. If the reality of war disgusts you so much, im sorry to say you probably shouldnt be playing games in the genre.

And Im willing to bet that every single American whinging about this are the same people who run about MW as the Arabs with Gold Dese...

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Of course GT5 will destroy Forza 3... the developement time has nothing to do with it either.

Gran Turismo IS the greatest Racing-Sim to grace the consoles. It just takes REAL racing to the extremes and beyond. I f***ing love the franchise... and i only own a 360. Forza did an ok job in filling in the stuff GT was missing but, in terms of shear quality? No.

You cant spell definitive Racing-Sim without Gran Turismo....FACT!

I am still consider...

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Point well said.
Everyone sticks to the things they know... and then when they feel like a new change, then they will start looking at a new IP.

Absolutely nothing wrong with making sequels. i wouldnt care if there were 20 Halo or 20 Gears games... thought im pretty sure it will begin to lack after about 5.
Why should a Developer stop making a game because its known as 1 of the most successful games of all-time? because the PS3 community s...

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actually the PS3 in Australia is still $499 and thats for a Slim. And i have bills and just bought myself a new Ute so i still got $15,000 of that to pay off.

It only does everything is bullsh*t. If it cant wash my dirty clothes and clean the house its as useless as my mrs to me.

Why cant consoles just be consoles... why are they trying to be something they are not? Play bloody games is all thats required of a console. And NONE of the current 3 Consoles do th...

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Never heard of it....

And i dont want to know about it either.

Any game with the word "Revolution" in its title is destined to fail.

And with games like KZ3, GT5, HALO: REACH, CRYSIS2, FABLE 3 and COD7 all just around the corner i doubt whether anyone has looked into this game.

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As an Aussie myself, I use "gonna" alot and I use "dunny" alot or even "bog box" as a description for explaining where numb nuts is.

Example: "I'm gonna go pay the dunny a visit, and lay some cable..."

I think ALL Aussie know exactly what I am saying...

And, why are we talking about grammar? I thought this was to do with XBOX720 and PS4... though I may have gotten lost again... so apologies if I am ...

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OH please bring back Conker... its been 10 years now... i will never forget those long weekends playing 'Heist' and 'Beach' in four player split screen with the bots on Einstein difficulty.

Though Live & Reloadeds MP was decent just not as fun and as cute as the original

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Depends on what ISP your with... I have the Telstra 100mbps download and 2.5mbps upload cable ultimate package with 50gb data allowance, which is also bundled with home phone which sets me back $170 a month.

On i can, depending on time of day hit speeds of 98mbps download... but the 2.50mbps is always the same 2.50mbps upload.

But im pretty sure the offer is only available in Melbourne so far should be in Sydney and Brisbane soonish.

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it is... well i thought it was anyway.

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I dont care which developers are behind it... you cant make joggin on the spot and flailing your arms above your head fun...

For this reason i refuse to play the Wii... i dont mind looking like an idiot but i am highly competitive with anything sport related... me and Wii tennis always ends in a fight.

The only function in which Natal is useful for is voice recognition. but then again i swear alot when playing games so everytime i get angry and shout "F*...

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There is nothing that Natal or Move can bring to the table that the Wii has already not.

I give both of them about as much of a chance as anybody getting a head job from a lion.

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As much as i love Gears... the story, multiplayer, gameplay, characters are what put this game so far up on most peoples favourites games list. but graphically the game hasnt changed dramatically from Gears 1.

Sure there are subtle upgrades but nothing HUGE. And anyone who says Uncharted 2 is 10x better than Uncharted 1 is just a complete idiot... Uncharted 2 DOES look better but its the same as in Gears case... very little and hardly noticeable upgrades.


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Im just in here for the lols... i never liked any of the Final Fantasy games... then again i have never played them, only watched... but still not slightly interested.

Oh no could it possibly be that Sony fanboys are about to lose an exclusive?...OH NO hell must have actually froze over...

Seriously whether a game is multiplat or not, it shouldnt effect your love for the franchise.

I couldnt give a rats arse if Gears or Halo went multiplat......

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sorry i dont think it will come to PS3... all though stranger things have happened. But 1 comes before 2, so you may get a revamped version of Mass Effect 1. or maybe a special bundle.

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i swear everytime i login this site gets stupider and stupider.

someone actually took the time to write an article about Fanboy ratios on this site? seriously?

Everyone knows majority of the users are PS3... but who really cares. i only own a 360, get negative feed back from every PS3 fanboy on this site. but who gives a s***?

If you cant handle being trolled by fanboys bugger off... plus you dont have to comment... just read the so called news ...

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What the f*** are you talking about?

BC2 has the best connection as far as server based multiplayer games go... yes i have played a couple of shockers but generally its pretty f***en awesome.
And im in Australia... so believe me if im not complaining as an Australian about lag issues NO ONE can complain. We only have the 1 server which we need to share with New Zealand, and most games i would say the connect would be a Light Green Bar connection.


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Its not a pretty world anymore... so the sooner people accept the fact some countries actually are war torn s***holes. And as if a video game is anymore intrusive then a Movie... Come'on seriously, if 'Hurt Locker' winner of multiple academy awards can pass and is acceptable for viewers eyes, why cant a videogame do the same thing?

Adding a hint of history and realism to a videogame make it that much more playable... some people like myself...

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Im not gunna say i hate the beta... but i dont like it either...

Bungie are stuck between a rock in a hard place with the game, change too much and you piss off the millions of original fans but change it not enough and everyone is left scratching their head wondering whats the f***en difference.

In the end though, the way i look at it is... ITS a BETA... its supposed to be broken and unbalanced, otherwise they may as well ship the final game instead of a bet...

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