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aww lame :(

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woah! now i need this game :) thank you sirs! and F you ea :)

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big boss is snake

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that was funny :)

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some of the types of videos are cool, especially with games i love, watching my friends play fallout, and im also watching a guy on youtube play demon souls, another game i love so much, im willing to watch people play it

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gamestop is selling the official battery charger at a much lower price, its 29.99 rather than 50 bucks, you should jump on that :)

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the reasons companies get away with crap like this is because of people like you who support it!

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thats good, im just saying though... that excuse is old... haha

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that excuse is getting old already... just buy the cheapest memory card and buy all your games physical...

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get one on ebay or craglist, some guy on a forum i frequent, was able to buy a vita for 200 and it came with a 8 gb and 32gb card, and ive also seen some good deals myself, people sell their vitas with mem cards and games

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i dont like this, but on a plus side, i could see how this could reduce SOME of the bratty kids you hear about from xbox live

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may god have mercy on our souls

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well you should learn to drop that whole disliking kiddie looking and other similar generes ,if you do, itll be your gateway to other great looking games that are awesome

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people like you dont understand... its not about the looks, its about how it plays....

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cool, imagine the game changing because your body is more amped up than normal! so many possibilities

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they should also work on making a game detect when your heart rate goes up, i know ive had several games to that to me during certain moments :)

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oh no!! my vita is dead!! its was so youn-- wait it still turns on :)

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@guitarded Hear hear!!

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games are good, i love them and they help alot... but some people who use them to escape, lose their sense of reality and live their life in games, which can be worse :(

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