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uh huh... and i suppose the emulated version has the high resolution textures, better character models etc....

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slap your "mature" friend for me

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my friends can go suck it

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it might already have it with that mystery port on the top

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kind of useless to be honest, i think many gamers have been desensitized by games causing fear. last game i remember being scared of was RE1 and i was a kid...

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agreed, the last thing i want to see on my feed is how much goombas my friends stomped on....

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a big black guy! haha i met him once, i had no clue who he was and he shook my hand because someone noticed him at my table so he just started shaking everyones hand... but hes a horrible video game blogger...

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haha very funny

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Lame ass GameStop employees ....

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yeah i hope not too, but im certain the game will become available to download at midnight so by the time we wake up a good 6 to 8 hours should get you 50 to 75 percent finished

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yes... its possible for a huge fan to dislike something, especially when the voice of the main character has changed for no apparent reason....

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apparently once you download 50 percent, you should be able too, but lets see how it works

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ive found the buying digital is more convenient and cheaper for me and my brother. since im on a sub account on my brothers acc and i cant change it to a master, he purchases the game and i give him half, this way we can both play it at the same time on our own ps3s

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Lol mr mathematician... I too own both systems and did not partake in this... Pretty sure your missing numbers add up with people like me...

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to be honest... if it was running at 30fps, especially for a game like this... would we notice a MAJOR difference? kind of pointless...

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first impressions are important

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Bump in the road?

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barry burton voice "what is this?"

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