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The game failed...Seriously, just deal with it.

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Anyone that voices their disagreement on anything sony gets tons of disagrees and loses bubble...that's life on N4sony.

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Only played 3 of these and saw this list...I, too couldn't believe the crap you need to do to get that platinum...I was like "Yeh right...:S"

Certain online achievements/trophies need to go.

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"Hey, you guys! Those who played it, and is giving your opinions on why it sucked and how it could be're somehow trolling!!" - Sincerely from Dumbass...(he knows who he is :)....)

Seriously tho, Co-op would've been nice, less linear more exploring, and longer campaign.

Looked absolutely gorgeous though...might even put it over TLOU remastered on visuals.

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This was trolling really?

I'll give you trolling: this games sucks! Pro Reviews AND user reviews idiots are in denial trying to defend it. Conspiracies!(journalist are paid off or hopping on the hate train) "Their opinion is wrong mine and mine is right Wahhhh" Everybody who reviewed it is wrong...Your opinion only matters if it benefits sony...Thats all I been seeing on N4sony

Face it, you hyped this up since that cg trailer only be...

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More bang for your buck.

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+1 for Parasite Eve.

I replayed it so many times on New game plus by the end I had an insanely godily weapon haha.

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I missed out on the The Last of Us due to my PS3 and games collections getting stolen. Couldn't bring myself to shell out for another PS3 just for one game when the PS4 was just around the corner.

So glad it came out remastered on PS4.

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At first I laughed, but then I took a second to think about how much time and fun it was making and leveling up my characters.

I, then felt very bad when he started to sob :(

The pox on thee kermit, a pox on thee!

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Agreed, I just lost a bubble (for real)...........All hail Sony and The Order!!!....THE SONY ORDER!!!

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Time to wash your hands of this game and pretend it didn't exist or hyped it up...fanboys (fanboys in general). Just like every other game that came out that people hype up and then failed.

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I can't believe how fast the tides turn that anything under 9 is bad and that 7's or less are "great" now...I guess being exclusive changes things.

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Remember this arguement?

Early reveiwer says :This game isn't all that great.
-People on threads agree-
Fanboy: You're all haters! None of you guys played it so STFU! This game is amazing!!!
Critic: you haven't played it either. How can YOU know its amazing?
Fanboy: You're a hater...

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I love damage control from the fanboys..."Um one hyped this up!!!!"

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Foot in mouth.

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LOL conspiracies!!! Tinfoil hats are awesome.

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People are trying to justify 7.5 now? Destiny ranged around that area and it was hailed a massive flop. Being an a exclusive changes the attitude towards the rating system it seems.

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The hate on this game and the last game is solely because of sad little fanboys feeling threatened for their precious uncharted...the auto-hate for nothing makes me sick to my stomach.

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Oh wow!...The fanboys on here make me sick.

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...And getting praised by people that never played it.

Door goes both ways.

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