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Halo Master Chief Collection proves the Gaming Gods exist.

I'm not worthy, but for $60 I'm damm sure going to buy it anyway. [Jokers smile]

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-Most exclusive blockbuster games shown, highlighted with a couple standout indie games, no need to fill the list with cellphone quality games.
-No boring talk of how many times owners have pressed a button, movies, boring comics lesson or TV crap the hypocrites said shouldn't be at E3.
-Most blockbuster gameplay shown off on stage, instead that amazing "in engine" gameplay.
-Sunset Overdrive
-Forza Horizon2
-Project Spark

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Not much mediate-this:

"Not even PS4 success could stop Sony losing over $1 billion in the last year"

4Sh0w sony fans should worry more about this but they don't want to talk about sonys financials, its taboo on n4g

So what 'old Patch meant wa...

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Well I've been there more than I like to share, not as a member but because I'm always researching gaming info, tech and what not so I'll visit any site that has some gaming news I want to read, lately I've begun to avoid them and other sites because most of the time I can find plenty of gaming info on fair sites.

A few positive xbox related threads compared to tons of Microsoft trolling threads doesn't make you neutral, neutrality is built through history...

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Like they say satisfied consumers don't generally go to forums crying foul or take out their envy on the competition. The fact that sonyGaf and this site spend more time in talking xbox and less time talking about great games on the platform they cheerlead for says it all, visit sonyGaf and any great news or negative "rumor" thread on this site for proof. Negative sony news on this site is a blip on the radar screen....ESPECIALLY b...

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@Kayant, yeah when you are sony's cheap advertising site under the guise of neutrality then you can't exactly be bought out, can you?


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Why all the Ryse talk? Well because gamingbolt wrote this news thread about "Crytek’s Sean Tracy talks about how the Ryse dev team took advantage of the Xbox One".

Its a win win for xbox detractors they love specs but when a X1 game turns out to be graphically praised or a game like Forza 5 actually does hit 1080p 60fps then naturally ignore all that and immediately deflect, dismiss, downplay those games by talking about game design flaws, framedrops, pre-baked lig...

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darkride, there is no "industry norm", you're just trying to make up some fictional standard based on your bias, in fact MAG is a key exclusive from sony that didn't have a SP= but you never complained, plus 2 of the highest rated, best selling FPS's for the last few years has had a SP campaign that gets shorter and shorter and contribute so little to the actual games themselves that many people don't bother playing them and many, many more never even finish the SP. ...

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"Wow JOY that's very selective reasoning on your part."

-None of those words you quoted above your statement were mine they were from the link, (please read carefully if youre going to have an intelligent conversation) however it's not selective, its a FACT only to make a comparison between launches and 2nd weeks sales of wii u vs ps4.

"Sony is having seriously allocation issues because of very high global demand. Yet the PS4 sold more...

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"By matter of common sense I'd say Titanfall would look way better on ps4 if developers utilized the Ps4s hardware power"

-OK, I'll bite:

By matter of common sense I'd say TLOU, Uncharted2, Heavy Rain, LBP, and every ps4 game now would look way better on PC if developers utilized the PC hardware power prpoperly.....

Yet nobody complained they COULD have been better, AND sold alot combined with pc sales= I guess bec...

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-Damm the info is in my 1st post above, try reading before asking a dumb's not like I arbitrarily made it up, I'm simply restating the data from media create which is a well known source that tracks sales in Japan:

"Media Create Sales (2/24-3/2) — Harvest Moon on Top, Week 2 PS4 Lower than Wii U"

lol, I never said anything about 360 selling FASTER, I said very specifically it hit 80mil sold before ps3 did, prior to next gen launch, DESPITE for over 18+ months on n4g daily ps folks swearing ps3 had SURPASSED 360 WW sales, I could link you tons of posts from me asking ps folks who said that where we're they getting these WW sales numbers, none responded with links of proof just regurgitated what they "heard", that's how ps fans are, if they hear it and it's pro ps ...

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Nah, that trailer showed charachters and world's far more diverse than LBP, and that's because the game creation tools are far more advanced than LBP was, then when you consider the cross platform sharing and depth of the entire package ALL for free, Project Spark is going to push some insane creativity on a new level.

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Hater Alert....gee thanks Captain Obvious cause we couldn't read whats printed right under the headline. Whats the matter another piece of positive xbox news upset your stomach?....go play with your vita you’ll feel better. lol

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Where are these official WW numbers you speak of for X1? No, doubt sony is ahead but X1 is doing fine. Or is this more talk like last gen when supposedly according tons of blog fan site 360 was getting crushed WW and was behind ps3 in total sales for over a year prior to this gen, then in Oct-Nov we found out through official numbers from both that 360 hit 80mil before ps3 did in Nov 2013?

Also these numbers don't account for the new Titanfall bundle and price drop in E...

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"Now if it would be about Killzone then it would be buried."

-Yep, you got that right Kribwalker and Microsoft has already said this is nonsense, but they'll keep righting this junk for hits anyway, just another worthless opinion piece. Moving on.

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It doesn't NEED to be a COD Killer, and doesn't NEED to go multiplat(to ps4) anymore than any ps4 game NEEDS to come to X1.

Zampella's comments are not any different than any other successful dev who's put a lot of time into his game, he wants all X1 owners to go buy it= Nah, really?

Titanfall is just a great game for Xbox and PC....and its doing exactly what it NEEDED to do which was create excitement for the brand, sell a lot of games, and a...

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I see what you're saying BX81 but what aibreeze is talking about is not the game itself but something that's been standard online functionality. It's just sort of expected as part of the online experience, not a big deal though, it is something they are already working on.

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Yeah last gen I bought 1/10th of the DLC for even the games I really liked. I'm sure based on the beta I'm going to absolutely love Titanfall but I try to stay away from DLC and of course I treat microtransactions like it's the plague, so not sure how I feel about this season pass.

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