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will we be able to download TTK like any other DLC? or do you have to buy the whole thing as a standalone?

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Well that response just killed bungie and destiny from my point of view. i am assuming the emotes they speak so highly of are additions to the already stupid dance, sit, point and wave animations... if they even consider gimmicks like that valuable they can fuck right off.

Bungie should have stuck with halo and microsoft. well to be honeslt most of their talent stuck with microsoft and now the company is run by the adopted children of bungies fathers wearing daddys shoes.

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Have you tried saying "Xbox start recording" and "Xbox stop recording" pretty simple. And it records upto 15mins not 5mins

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Found this near Trevor's place just after I finished the single player story. After finding I noticed it can be bought online

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Brute Force 2 and or CONKER! confirmed!

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CoD in my eyes Peaked at World at War and MW2. Every other addition has just dug the hole deeper and deeper. im not sure if we can even see the bottom anymore

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your mistake was buying the game, not your consoles version. I knew it would be fucked from the get go. and asking for dedicated servers wont help either. unless your willing to wait for the next CoD

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Or as it should be for all games. Search your locale ONLY!
Global internet speeds arent up to it by a long shot! in 20 years perhaps but it will have to be a significant leap in telecommunication technologies. Fibre Optic has already capped out. whats next?

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The worlds leading arm chair computer engineer.

Give it a rest mate. YOU understand nothing. YOU have know idea how the PS4 or X1 work. its obvious from you constant trolling.

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As far as I'm concerned. The original bungie greats have all moved on. Joe staten moving on was a huge change up. That guy was a brilliant story writer and marty O'donnel music is amoungst the most iconical in the game industry. Bet Marty had his phone ringing around the clock when that news broke

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you people are setting your expectations too high. its a new IP that will have things that will shit you to death. if its good enough to earn a sequel(yes i know its part of a trilogy deal) then you should be excited.

Be excited, but dont disappoint yourself with media hype. Bungie arent over hyping it so why listen to the jurnos who havent even seen or played the game?

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Lol at people who think sold to consumers and sold 2 retailers are a different thing entirely. They are only insignificantly different at best.

Why would a retailer order more consoles if they arent being sold? Bottom line is no matter where you go now you can find PS4s and X1s sitting on the shelf. Get this stupid idea out of your head that your PS4 is still in red hot demand. Month after month their sale figures prove its decline just as much as the X1.


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hopefully 343 Industries pick him up. Halo 4s music wasnt bad but it wasnt its strongest suit.

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the author is a fuckwit. Halo is a mega franchise no matter how you look at it. You tell which other game has a larger library of novels, graphic novels, comic books and short animated films....?

im currently nearing the end of the 2nd novel in the forerunner saga by Greg Bear. And just ordered the 3rd book in the Kilo 5 trilogy by Karen Travis. All brilliant books better than the games.

Halo is a mega franchise and a mega story universe. Bungie really create...

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we eat kangaroo..... i consider that conquered

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I see the sony circle jerk crew are out in this thread. look at all you wankers tugging on each other talking about videogames and sonys latest success.
Im happy for you guys... you seem so happy with your console and you all have so many games to play.... wait then shouldnt you be playing it right now!? :O. Oh thats right its time for your daily troll session.

Yeah i went there.

Have fun playing your 2D 1080p 60FPS side scroller games made by the &qu...

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wow saw Brute Force in the headline only to read on that its not coming back... these are sad times indeed.

No Brute Force...No Xbox. its just science really

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I know right. If you play video games to use anything other ISP but telstra your bound to find problems.
Yes telstra are c***s but atleast with their partnership with MS(foxtel) and the Xbox360 you know they will have all ports open.

plus i have found when you ring telstra angry about something you can normally get credit added to your bill. Just got $244 compo for their f*** up delivering a new ADSL2+ Gateway 3 weeks before my move in date.

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And with the announcement we will see who looks stupider.
People doing exercise in front of a camera or;
Some dressed up like robocop marching on the spot and spining around and flailing their arms.

The peripheral cannot work unless it is completely wireless and wireless equals bulky. though i stand to be corrected.

Its a gimmick and if Kinect at a hundred bucks is a rip off for a peripheral? the VR is a waste of Sonys valuable money.

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Campaign seems short...

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