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It's pretty nifty in 1600p, as well.

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It could go either way, I think. I'm a big fan of the Wolverine from years back, before the movies & weird story arcs watered him down.

As much as I love the character, though, he's lost to characters weaker than Kratos, & beaten characters much more powerful.

You win some, you lose some.

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No prob.

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Wolverine is 5'3", by the way. Hugh Jackman is 6'2".

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They're profiting from the shipping.

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I'm actually happy the requirements for the PC version are a bit steeper than usual. It means that there's a good chance that it'll look significantly better than the console versions, instead of just slightly better.

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oMgawd dis maek me fureos! *buys Skyrim, & all DLC, never plays Scrolls*

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I played through it, after buying it for my daughter. It's not horrible, just kinda ugly & mediocre. A coupla neat parts for X-Men fans. I'd give it a C-.

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Cool. Love the show, really like the game so far.

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Not surprised, but a bit disheartened. As unlikely as it was, I was holding out a bit of hope that this would eventually make it's way onto the PC.

Even on consoles, though, it was spectacular.

I'd rather them make a sequel for consoles than a port for PC, any day.

Visuals aren't so important that's it's worth delaying the next installment of the game.

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No Youtube video will do either version justice.

Youtube is only useful to show artsyle and gameplay, not level of detail.

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AHHHHHHHHHHHahahahaahh, NICE. Made me miss the show, too.

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I own the game on the PC & the 360.

It's a blast to play on both systems.

It looks good on 360, for a 360 game.

However: visually, it does not compare favorably next to the PC game, running at the same resolution.

Still, it's awesome that console-only people are finally getting to play this, because it's very fun.

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Agreed, my 590 feels like his left nut has been blown off.

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Have they fixed the achievement issue, yet? Don't wanna start playing until they do.

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The PC version needs some graphics options. It looks practically identical on my desktop (Core i7 2600k, GTX 590, 8GB RAM, BF3 beta drivers) and my laptop (ASUS G73SW-A1).

It runs smoothly, & it's actually pretty fun, but all environmental textures look like crap up close. Characters look pretty great, though.

I'd say the game actually looks a bit better on my laptop, because the screen is smaller, & the low quality textures aren't as appa...

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Yeah, if I'd known, I'd have waited, obviously. It's not a huge deal, because I'm more patient than most, but it does make me worry a bit about Skyrim's PC release.

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Playing on an Nvidia card, and not having any technical issues, BUT I have to add that the environmental textures are really disappointing. Megatextures? O LAWLZ. 22GB installation, & game is still a mixed bag, visually.

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Not even gonna front, this game is hard. Never played Demon Souls, but I'm still loving this.

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