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BuT_TeR, I hope you're trolling. Anyway, got this today. Looks great, plays great.

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Yeah, but he means that pretty much any game can safely be cranked up to Ultra at 1080p, & run smoothly.

There will be exceptions, obviously, but I don't think anyone is basing a GPU purchase on Metro 2033.

I have a couple of GTX 560 Tis & a GTX 590.
I also have a 1080p monitor & a 1600p monitor. The GTX 560 Ti can handle practically everything maxed out on the 1080p monitor.

On the 1600p monitor, though, I have to ...

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What he's saying is that you can crank it up all the way at resolutions up to 1080p. Beyond that, you may have to lower some settings a bit.

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This desperation to prove it's Tommy is getting really pathetic. Move on.

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I bought 2 copies at this price to gift to friends.

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Oh, & **** whoever disagreed with the above statement. You're either blind, a PC hater, or petty. All three, most likely. Want games to look great, & have fantastic mod community support? Get a good PC. Can't afford one? Save money until you can. I was in my mid twenties before I could afford a great PC. Prices on PC parts are very reasonable, these days. It's well worth the investment.

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I have a 2600K, GTX 590, & 8GB 1866MHz RAM. On Ultra, @2560x1600, with a few texture mods & a tweak to allow the application to use more than 2GB RAM, it's already one of the best looking fantasy games I've ever played. When some serious mods hit in the next few months, this shit will be incredible.

The tweaks really help "de-console" the visuals. I bought it on 360 for my kid, too, though, & it looks surprisingly great considering the hardware ...

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PC version is gorgeous.

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I bought it for myself & my 8 year old. It's great. Very endearing art style, quick, clever gameplay, very humorous. Just makes me grin when I play it.

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A few of the suggestions are decent.

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It's RAM usage. The game limits itself to 2GB of RAM usage, apparently. The method detailed up there apparently removes that limitation. I have 8GB of 1866MHz DDR3, so I'm glad it's getting a bit more use than it typically does.

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People had trouble with this? Pahahah

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I installed the improved night sky, tree textures, better faces, and enabled more than 2GB RAM. I also edited the .ini file. I can tell a huge difference. On a nice PC, at a high resolution, this is a beautiful game. It's only going to get better.

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Pfft, it's much better than a 5. This game is a blast.

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I'm not opposed to female protagonists, but it just doesn't fit the tone of GTA.

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Nice little rig.

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Hardcore- You're either playing games, or thinking about playing games at least 50% of your waking hours, regardless of whether it's single player or multiplayer.

Casual- There are a couple of games you think are pretty cool, but you go long stretches without playing anything, & can take it or leave it in general.

It's that simple. Being a genre enthusiast doesn't make you more hardcore than someone who is into a different genre of games t...

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I have an Asus G53SW-A1, & it's pretty great. I did have to send it in for repairs after about 3 months, but everyone gets a lemon on occasion.

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Is it a gaming laptop? Most laptops simply aren't built with gaming in mind. Arma 2's dev recommends an 8800 GT or better, & most laptops don't have that kind of GPU power.

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