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I really dig Hayssam's work, but I'm going to get this day one when it hits consoles. I'll just get it again when it hits PC several months later.

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Pahahahah, he's tickling Azmodan's sack with his chin hairs as I type this. I hear the loot drop for finishing that quest is bittersweet.

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DirectTV is the problem, if there's any problem at all. I have had ZERO issues through my cable provider.

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Gersberms! Mah favrit berks!

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It's important to have realistic expectations of this games visuals. It's not going to look like a AAA title. The budget just isn't there. This is all about gameplay and story. Classic RPG style. Relax, it's going to be good.

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In 13 months I've gotten almost 4000 points.

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AMD fan(atic)s tend to be a bit delusional.

The TRUTH is that even an Intel i3 2100 is a better overall gaming CPU than AMDs top chip.

The tiny bit of money I'd save going with AMD isn't worth being saddled with a CPU that will bottleneck my GPUs.

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"It’s rather astounding to see a game that looks so unlike its predecessors, despite being developed by the same people."


Remedy is not the developer of Max Payne 3.

I also can't help but suspect that even if it was Remedy developing, & they stuck with the same formula, people would instead be complaining about a lack of innovation & multiplayer.

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Nothing against the author, but yuck.

If you're building a gaming PC right now you don't want to go with these specs.

We're a year or so off from a new console gen, so even console ports are likely to get more demanding.

Either sink an extra $200 into a rig, or wait until next year.

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Seven minute ayubs...

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Tarsem Singh, maybe? Immortals wasn't terrible, & The Fall was really good.

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This guy isn't just "white", anyway. He's half Hawaiian, & part Irish, German, & Native American.

He looks enough like Kratos to play the part, in my opinion.

I think Peter Mensa is a better actor, but a guy like that isn't going to be cast as the lead in a potential blockbuster.

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You're correct, it's Vigil.

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This doesn't imply anything sinister. Sometimes you simply don't have the time or budget to do everything you'd like to do.

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I remember it being released, but I never played it. Not really into multiplayer games, specifically multiplayer shooters.

I was definitely bummed that the license wasn't being used for sweet action RPGs in the vein of Deus Ex or Mass Effect. Hopefully this revives the franchise for a long time.

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This is the one I'm most anticipating, followed closely by Wasteland 2. Also donated to The Banner Saga.

Shadowrun SNES is one of my all time favorites. I played through it again just a few days before this was announced, so I was particularly elated.

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Well, weren't the main factors in the GTX 590's limitations heat & power requirements?

I'm assuming that since the GK104 uses considerably less power than GF110 & as a result produces less heat, then the 2 8 pins will go a lot further on a GTX 690 than they did on a GTX 590.

GTX 590s dual GPUs were downclocked significantly to work within the power constraints.

FYI: I didn't disagree with you.

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The gap in performance between this & true GTX 680 SLI may be less pronounced than the gap between a GTX 590 & GTX 580 SLI, because of reduced power requirements.

I'm happy with my GTX 680 SLI setup, but price/performance on these 690s may end up being surprisingly good.

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*would indicate otherwise.

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