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If you take away the $50 game, Kinect is set at $100. If you buy the Playstation Move to play with more than one person, your looking at over $200, and a PS3 is only $299.

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I don't even know why I'm downloading this, I already played it on PS3. lol oh well, 510MB ain't nothing.

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Before no, but since it comes with a game (even if its a stupid one) $150 isn't bad for including a $50 game. Kinect is basically $100 but your forced to pay $150 because it includes a game, if you planned on buying Kinect your obviously going to buy games for it, so why not price it at $99 and let us choose the $50 game we want to buy.

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PS3 fans are blind, what do you expect?

A multiplatform game look better than a PS3 exclusive?? No waaaay.

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@ico92 - I said its the "Myspace of Gaming" for a reason.

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No I didn't forget that. I put ($299 for new users) for a reason. You can get a 4GB Xbox 360, Kinect, and Kinect Adventures for $299 when it ships this holiday. If you buy a Wii and all the multiple controllers, you will be spending just as much if not more.

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Kinect is $150 for the camera, a game, and it supports 2 players ($299 for new users). If you buy a Wii and want to play with more than one person you have to buy multiple controllers and nunchuk's which can get well over $300 if you buy a retail game. Kinect is cheaper, but Wii offers way more and better casual games.

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Home is the Myspace of Gaming, the more friends you have and interact with in Home, the less you have in real life.

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Only on Xbox

I was talking about Trials HD...but that's cool.

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I think your just mad enkeixpress because the AI kicked your ass, then the players online kicked your ass even more :)

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I'll take these games over those games any day.

Shadow Complex
Trials HD
Splosion Man
Bomberman Live
Geometry Wars
Toy Soldiers
Perfect Dark

Need I go on?

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The article was posted 4min ago, he posted 2 min ago.....

Just sayin.

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No because I hate using a mouse and keyboard.....which is why I play video games on consoles and not PC.

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The Sims offers much more than Home ever has and ever will, that $60 you pay for Sims includes everything in the game. If you want everything Home has to offer you would spend hundreds of dollars.

The only ridiculous comparisons being made here, are the idiots comparing Home to the Sims.

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How do you know? Kinect has 15+ launch games and only, what 4 of 5 have actually been announced?

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lol Home is horrible compared to the Sims. In the Sims I don't have to pay real money for each piece of clothing and furniture I buy. Home is the Sims with nickle and dime price tag. $20 for a golden suit? Ha

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I've played both versions, the 360 is by far superior, most multiplatform games are.

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@gamingisnotacrime - Your missing his point. You can put anything you wish into a big game, that doesn't mean its going to be great, or worth the purchase of the Move just to play it. Take this for an example, if Bioware was to add multiplayer to Mass Effect, that's putting something into a big game, but that doesn't mean its going to be good.

Games like Socrey are designed with Move in mind, Killzone 3, LBP2 are not they are made for the DS3 but also support the...

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What in the hell are you talking about? You post on the pending articles with this type of content, yet you can't read the front page? Where are you getting 3DS?

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Real memory? Its $200 without Kinect, so going from 512MB to 4GB is a good upgrade. Wouldn't you buy a PS3 priced at $200 with a 4GB HDD? I would, since you could take the HDD out and replace it with a bigger one, just like you can use USB sticks that are $5-$10 on a 4GB Xbox.

EDIT: Yea, but the 360 can support up to 16GB in memory from flash drives. So with your 4GB, your looking at 20GB of memory on a new Xbox for $210-$220 with the cost of the USB sticks. I've use...

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