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PS3 is still behind the Xbox 360 in sale, so until PS3 passes up Xbox there is nothing to get your **** wet over.

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Zipper didn't make Confrontation, even if this game online isn't what I want it to be (like SOCOM 1 & 2) there is no way in hell this game will be as bad as Confrontation was.

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What? The PS3 version looks the darkest out of all 3 of them, you can see that without even viewing the pics full size.

EDIT: You need your eyes checked.

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Treyarch does a better job with COD than IW did.

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Good, their phone support sucks. Every time I had to call them, which isn't very often, its always someone that speaks hardly any English that's bright as a special kid hyped up on Redbull. Their Twitter support responds and fixes problems really quick and never beats around the bush like phone support does.

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All my games on PS3 and Xbox 360 work perfectly fine.....what the problem is?

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Starcraft 2 has a pretty damn good shot at GOTY. Starcraft is about the only game I can stand playing on PC.

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It is free, if you bought the game how it should be bought, new.

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He's not talking about Xbox getting a 10 million unit lead, hes saying PS3 wont pass Xbox. Personally I don't think it will either, the gap is a little over 5 million and over the past few weeks with the release of the new Xbox around the world that gap is getting bigger. Plus around Christmas time Xbox will be bundled with Kinect, making a perfect Christmas present for the little kids. PS3 and Xbox are not going to stop selling, but I honestly don't think the PS3 is going to pass...

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I hate WoW with a passion. Starcraft on the other hand is fucking amazing.

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Guess you never heard of Little Big Planet then huh?

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"In theory, the PlayStation 3 controller is a complicated mechanism, a device with too many buttons for the average person to understand."

Don't let this guy near Steel Battalion.

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I have a very fast internet connection and it still takes longer than it should to download and install. Its just PSN speeds, they aint the greatest. Unless you download stuff from the store, then it goes pretty quick.

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That was fast...

Time to download and look for secret features :)

EDIT: I see absolutely nothing new....not even the recommend games thing they talked about :/

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Banned from MW2 and get L4D2 for free? Sounds like a damn good deal to me.

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As long as its a legit copy they wont ban you. I got Saints Row 2, 2 and a half weeks early and played it online and never got in trouble. I also got Mass Effect 2, 2 weeks early and was logged into XBL and was perfectly fine.

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I get video games weeks early all the time, why don't I get a story about it?

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Now we really have a "situation".

@D4RkNIKON - Dude I feel bad for myself, my GF drives me nuts with that damn show.

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Where did you get your code?

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If you think a soccer mom isn't going to shell out $299 for an Xbox with Kinect, what makes you think they will shell out $399 for a PS3 and Move bundle, not to mention another $50 if they want 2 players. Xbox and Kinect is overall the cheaper value if you do not own either console. Casuals bought Wii because it was cheap, fun motion gaming. Xbox is trying to do the same thing but better for $100 more, they are going to have no problem selling Kinect to the casuals this Christmas especial...

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