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No, hes appeared on Xbox a few times.

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Is N4G on a "approve everything" type of thing today? Its a direct link to the item for sale, which is spam.

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Really? Who approved this? I mean, I love Starcraft.....but really?

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That one isn't that great, I played one yesterday that did the entire first level up to the giant spider part, and it was dead on. There was a few things not possible in LBP that Limbo did, but the creator did a perfect job recreating that level. The amount of detail and how good it looked compared to Limbo was really impressive.

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"you also said content wise?"

Then you listed 2 things in Killzone 3. You where implying Killzone 3 had equal or more content than Halo Reach. You obviously don't know Halo players that well, I don't even play Halo and I know how popular Forge mode is.

Killzone could defiantly use some more features, it really lacks in terms of variety.

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Chance at anything.

Sales, nope.
Content, nope.
Active players, nope.

I love Killzone and hate Halo, but Killzone isn't even close to being on the same level as Halo Reach. Only thing Killzone has over Halo Reach is graphics, that's it.

EDIT: Riiiight, Halo Reach doesn't have SP, 4 player Co-op, Firefight, Forge Mode, Player customization and rewards. Yup Halo Reach sure is lacking in content.

Oh ...

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Then why are retailers not lowering the price of Kinect?


Um no. Toys R Us made a mistake and said anyone who pre-ordered Kinect while using the promotion code would not get Kinect for $90. There was even an article on here about it.

Try again.

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This isn't a teaser for the game, its a video showing off NFS on tour. There is a reason they are showing a "random douche party", and that's because NFS on tour is indeed a party, but also showing off the game.

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95% is being generous, its more like 98%.

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1 hours? its 3-6 hours depending how quick you grasp the puzzles. Also its not $20 its $15.

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Shadow Complex and Trials HD put all those games to shame.

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I'll pass.

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All reviews and awards given out are people's opinions, none of them are facts. Uncharted 2 was not that great and IMO was an 8.5 at best, if you don't like my opinion well than that's your problem. You can list or say anything you wish to feel better about yourself but either way I'm going to think the game was good, but not that great.

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That is why I never listen to anything he has to say, and instead just buy the game and enjoy myself. Beats listening to him and getting exciting just to possibly be let down when the game ships. Can't wait for Fable 3 though, after watching tons of videos the game looks so much better than Fable 2.

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Facebook and Twitter on Xbox is fast as lightning, the PS3 web browser is slow and freezes half the damn time which is why I never use it.

EDIT: I never even use the web browser so my Xbox not having one doesn't bother me.

Your are full of shit about your web browser being fast. I have over 30MBPS connection and trying to load anything other than Google is as slow as dial-up.

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Don't worry Hyrius is just a troll. He thinks web browser = Facebook features on PS3, and by his logic, PS3 has an feature as well. You're right though, the web browser is complete shit. Hopefully they update it soon and make it worth using.

EDIT: Yea its fine if you don't mind dial up speeds. The reason Xbox fans have 1/2 bubbles is because PS3 fanboys run this site. You really think Kinect is tripling the amount of degrees as the PS3 because its popula...

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Read the first sentence of my comment. Its a quote from Shadow Flare.


"Are they're actually 5 million more 360 gamers out there to ps3 gamers?

Is that to hard for you to understand?

@Shadow Flare -

Ok if all that matters is software sold look at 99% of all multiplatform games for both 360 and PS3. Look at which console 99% of the time sells more, Xbox.

PS3 does n...

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Modnation Racers was not AAA, it was a good game but nothing close to being AAA. LBP yes, Modnation, no.

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"Are they're actually 5 million more 360 gamers out there to ps3 gamers?"

There are 25+ million active XBL Gold Accounts.
There are 40+ million active PSN Accounts.

I have 1 XBL Gold account, and 5 PSN accounts and I'm sure I'm not the only one with more than one PSN account. So how many PS3 gamers are there compared to the 40+ million accounts? I'll let you do the math.

EDIT: I stand corrected, I thought I r...

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You PS3 fanboys have been saying PS3 is closing in on 360 fast for the past few years.

If your "fact" of PS3 is selling better than 360 then PS3 wouldn't be behind 3 million units.

You fanboys can say what ever you want, the PS3 is still behind and has been for years. FACT. When and even if, PS3 passes up 360 in sales, then you will have something to talk about. Until then, your getting all slap happy for still ...

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