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Yea because showing a video blocking out the actual player so you can only see the screen really proves your point.

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Gimmick, no one wants to sit there playing a game for hours wearing a pair of glasses if they don't need to. Until they lose the glasses, its nothing but a gimmick.

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Or they are not smart enough to overcome its flaws. Only time will tell.

EDIT: @gallospqra - Exactly why I said only time will tell ;)

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The really need to work on the cosmetic damage to the cars, it looks horrible.

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Where's my car?

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@Mmmkay - IGN is not a Xbox 360 site you tard.

@tinybigman -

Games you can't play on Xbox 360 - Uncharted, Killzone, Little Big Planet, Infamous, Resistance, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid.

Games you can't play on PS3 - Halo, Gears of War, Fable, Mass Effect, Left 4 Dead, Alan Wake, Crackdown, Forza.

I'll take Xbox 360.

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Na, Sony will be in sitting in the back like it is this generation.

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The site Admin "insta-approved" it. Shows how good the admin is doing his job right?

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How was that not gameplay? Looked like gameplay to me.

EDIT: Everything in that video looks playable, the first sequence of the video is similar to a part in Uncharted 2. The part leading up to where he jumps on the robot looks very doable, and the part where hes jumping onto it could just be an animation. I see no reason why this couldn't be gameplay.

@IronFistChinMi - That link doesn't provide any proof that is isn't gameplay.

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I'm pretty sure they said if you sign up for PS+ before August something, you get LBP for free.

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3D wont really take off until next year when people get their tax money back to spend thousands of dollars for a 3D set up. If 3D don't take off then, the I would say its doomed.

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"Kinectimals and things like that are absolutely fantastic. My little kids would just absolutely love that, and our fitness game, The Biggest Loser—my wife will go for that."

Did this guy just own his wife in an interview?

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Max Payne 3
Gears of War 3
Dead Space 2
Ghost Recon

are not FPS.

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GOTY is going to one of these games.

In no particular order.

Mass Effect 2
Red Dead Redemption
Halo Reach
Little Big Planet 2
Starcraft 2

Its going to be a close call this year, so many great games coming out.

I would add GT5 to the list, but with the way gaming critics are today, a racing game winning GOTY is like the Bengals going to the Superbowl.

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Honestly I think you're full of shit, no offense though. If you're telling the truth, that would pretty awesome.

EDIT: @RedHemi300c - How long have you had XBL? I been a XBL gold member since 2006 and I didn't get one. Maybe I'm just unlucky :(

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By your logic of "PS3 has it, and Xbox doesn't even if it sucks" then here you go.

Cross game chat
Cross game invites
Voice messages
Quick efficient messaging system
Avatar on your profile (Not just in PS Home like on PS3)
Free Game Trails for EVERY arcade game
Indie games, all free to try
ESPN (Coming soon)
Streamable videos on the dashb...

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So you're saying every PS3 fanboy on this site that constantly post how great GT5 is going to be, doesn't have a PS3? You're also saying there is no other reason to own a PS3 since GT5 isn't out yet?

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@Poseidon Yea and, whats your point? You think every GT fan hasn't bought a PS3 yet because they are waiting for GT5? Or none GT fans are going to rush out and spend $300+$60 just to play a racing game? There is already a next gen GT, that already gave GT fans a reason to buy a PS3. If GT5P didn't exist and GT5 was the first next gen GT, then yea I could see hardcore GT fans rushing out to buy a PS3 to play it.

@Presistanthug - GT4 was also released in 2005, since th...

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GT5 boost PS3 sales? Na. If GT5P didn't exist then it would give GT fans a reason to buy a PS3, but being 4 years since launch and already having GT5P its not going to boost sales. They might sell a few thousands, but nothing dramatic.

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So many? 75% of comments on Kinect articles are PS3 fans who don't even own a Xbox. SolidSystem is the only one defending Kinect on this article out of the 32 comments so far, 31 comments are trolling. So where are these Xbox fanboys you speak of?

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