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See that is where your wrong Mr. SquirrelNuts, because I do indeed own a PS3. I've played U2 and the graphics where good, but IMO Killzone 2 looks better. God Of War 3 is not epic, simply because I don't like button masher gamers. PS3 gamers blow a lot of things out their ass, its not just in games, its with everything that has to do with the PS3.

The main reason why those things are not true is because they are opinions, not facts.

Saying PSN is fre...

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Criticism towards Sony on this site is not allowed. You will get told um I mean opinions on why your wrong.

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Fable was trash because you found it easy and boring? It must be doing something right to outsell Uncharted 2. I found Uncharted 2 to be very easy and boring, does that make it trash? No, that makes it not the game for me.

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The gameplay looks EXACTLY like Splinter Cell Conviction, which is great because I loved SCC. I might actually have to pick this game up, the last Bond game I played that was good was......well I can't remember.

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No replay value? Deniable Ops had TONS of replay value, not to mention the co-op story.

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SOCOM 4 is at the bottom of my list until I see MP, and when that happens if it looks anything like SOCOM 2 its going straight to #1 on my list. If it looks like they turned SOCOM into a casual POS game, it will stay at the bottom and I'll let SOCOM rest in peace.

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@trounbyfire - So what's your excuse for inFamous? It sold less than Crackdown 2 in the same region in first week sales. Crackdown is not a main 360 exclusive, Gears of War, Halo, Fable, are example of big exclusives.

Motorstorm Pacific Rift sold 36,000 in its first week for EMEAA, which was a sequel to a big PS3 exclusive.

Uncharted Drakes Fortune sold 86,000 in its first week for EMEAA, and only 34,000 for USA.

I can easily bash a g...

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Killzone 2 isn't on that list.....Killzone 3 is, but even then Fable 3 beat it out by one spot.

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EMEAA 1st week sales for inFamous was 80,000 which is worse than Crackdown 2's sales. If your going to play sales on a game, include the rest of the world not parts of it. Hell, Heavy Rain only sold 25,000 in its first week in Japan.

Uncharted 2 "The best game ever made" opened with 54,000 in Japan. So I guess that's a bad game to right?

Modnation Racers EMEAA 1st week sales are 54,000. That's another bad game to right?

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Oh really, the demo that doesn't exists? Are you from the future?

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Super Rub Dub awesome? I thought Kinectimals was bad, but I forgot about this game until you brought it up. Kinectimals > Super Rub Dub.

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lol 2.9! PS3 Exclusive at work, better watch out Xbots.

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Yea its kinda pointless to buy an old 360 for $299, when you can get the even better one for the same price by waiting a few more days.

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W-w-whaaat? 2K favors 360? That's why Mafia 2 is getting exclusive content on PS3? Borderlands DLC is on PS3 and released at the same time. Stop making excuses and being ignorant.

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More mature PS3 audience? PS3 fans went ape shit when Metal Gear Rising was announced for Xbox, but no word on PS3 version. BFBC2 beta was PS3 only and you didn't hear any Xbox fans crying, what matt1991 said is 100% true.

Mature you say?

What happened when Bungie went multiplatform? Did y...

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You are very ignorant sir. I was not the one who mentioned Move, your precious little fanboy MariaHelFutura and Shadow Flare did. Don't start pointing the finger, when you have no idea what you're talking about.

EDIT: Ahh I see you made a nice quick edit. Its okay, I understand its easy to point the finger at someone criticizing something, instead of the real cause of the action. Which was the trolls.

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Awwww somebody definitely can't come up with anything intelligent to say to defend their claims, instead just post BS and defend Sony.

This might cheer you up.


Maybe this?

1:1 you say?

1:35 you see what happens there?

Oh, wait a few more seconds and you will see him swing.....and nothing happens. 1:1 my ass, Sony has you boys brainwashed.

EDIT: Are PS3 fans hyping up a product that was promised 1:1? Yup, at least on N4G you are.

I never said I was for Kinect, or even defending i...

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That may be correct, and I'm sure it is. However Javelen was talking $, not £. Comparing US priced to UK priced, trying to make something look more expensive is just ignorant.

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Ahh yes, but we could still play our games offline, any game we wished. That day on PS3 you couldn't, except for a few games that where really old. PSN also has maintenance all the time of the course of 2-4 hours, when was the last time Xbox was down for maintenance?

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