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TOOL has one of the best drummers around next to Neil Peart of course!

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nothing but a cesspool of fanboyism just waiting to happen.

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if you pause your MP3 track and press the L2 trigger quickly it'll rewind the track a couple a beats back. Lately I've been having a fun time picking to some BB King solos!

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looks like I might give SPORE a try for the DS!

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I bet daddy feels like a real man cheating while his 5yr old kid's sitting next him on the carpet.

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I'm really looking forward to this for sure!

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X-play is a cesspool of BS that helps create fanboyism for this generation of gamers.

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I like how this review has a rating for "value" and "fun factor". Maybe more game sites should do this.

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this game is well worth the $10 standard that were so used to pay for "arcade games".

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Kotaku's knee pads were sponsored by Microsoft!

all in all though a price drop is good for compitition no matter what system your looking for :)

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a price drop is good, lets hope Sony follows in the near future!

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"How did they make a profit last year?"

the first thing that comes to mind is the $60 gold memebership...

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dont forget the Colecovision, I remember spending hours at a time playing Carnival with the family!

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but they should make the people who are using the glitch walk around with a wooden leg or something!

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also I stopped after reading this:

"I give Shibuya a 78% sellout rate. Don't ask me how I arrived at that figure, because I really don't know"

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then maybe they should set the price to 400 points($5.00).

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think about the developers who didn't have good sales.

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If they spent 4 years making this game why is Sony holding the dev's back from distributing thier game globally. At the very least it should be a PSN title.

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MS 64mb memory card = $50
SONY 1gb USB flash drive = $10

both used to back-up game save files.

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I guess if that fails they can always put a green helmet on Sackboy and mass market him with Moutain Due and Burgur King ads.

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